Organization Plural, What is the Plural of Organization?

Meaning: grouping, institution, management

Plural of Organization

Singular Plural
organization organizations

Organization as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The organization focused on environmental conservation.
  2. She joined a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children in need.
  3. The organization aimed to promote equality and social justice.
  4. The structure and efficiency of the organization impressed me.
  5. The organization collaborated with other NGOs to tackle global challenges.
  6. The mission of the organization was to provide access to education for all.
  7. The organization implemented effective strategies to achieve its goals.
  8. The leader of the organization inspired and motivated the team.
  9. The impact of the organization was felt on a local and global scale.
  10. The organization relied on the support of volunteers and donors.

Organization as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Many organizations work together to address community needs.
  2. The conference brought together various organizations from different sectors.
  3. The collaboration among different organizations strengthened their impact.
  4. The local organizations pooled their resources to tackle common challenges.
  5. The meeting aimed to foster dialogue and cooperation among the participating organizations.
  6. The organizations formed a coalition to advocate for policy change.
  7. The support of multiple organizations was crucial in achieving the project’s success.
  8. The network of nonprofit organizations provided essential services to the community.
  9. The funding was distributed among several deserving organizations.
  10. The joint efforts of the organizations resulted in positive social change.

Singular Possessive of Organization

The singular possessive form of “Organization” is “Organization’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Organization:

  1. The Organization’s mission statement emphasizes equality.
  2. We followed the Organization’s guidelines for the project.
  3. Organization’s leadership plays a crucial role.
  4. The effectiveness of Organization’s strategies is evident.
  5. The success of the event relied on Organization’s planning.
  6. We appreciated the support of Organization’s sponsors.
  7. Organization’s reputation for excellence is well-deserved.
  8. The growth of the Organization’s membership is impressive.
  9. The impact of Organization’s initiatives is far-reaching.
  10. We admired the dedication of Organization’s volunteers.

Plural Possessive of Organization

The plural possessive form of “Organization” is “Organizations'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Organization:

  1. The collaborations among different Organizations’ are beneficial.
  2. We witnessed the synergy of multiple Organizations’ efforts.
  3. The success of the project required coordination among Organizations’ teams.
  4. Organizations’ goals aligned for a common cause.
  5. The impact of these Organizations’ initiatives is substantial.
  6. We acknowledged the diversity of Organizations’ approaches.
  7. Organizations’ contributions are vital for community development.
  8. The commitment of Organizations’ members is commendable.
  9. The cooperation among these Organizations’ has positive outcomes.
  10. We appreciated the expertise of different Organizations’ leaders.

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