Chief Plural, What is the Plural of Chief?

Meaning of Chief

The meaning of Chief is a leader or ruler of a people or clan.

Plural of Chief

Singular Plural
Chief Chiefs

Synonyms of Chief

  • captain
  • commander
  • director
  • head
  • leader
  • manager
  • ruler
  • superintendent
  • supervisor
  • President
  • bigwig
  • boss
  • chieftain

Chief as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The chief made an important announcement to the team.
  2. The chief inspected the soldiers’ uniforms.
  3. The police chief addressed the crowd at the protest.
  4. The chief executive officer made a decision.
  5. The chief of police was responsible for maintaining law and order.
  6. The chief surgeon performed a life-saving operation.
  7. The chief justice presided over the court case.
  8. The tribal chief led the community with wisdom.
  9. The chief editor reviewed the final draft of the article.
  10. The fire chief coordinated the efforts of the firefighters.

Chief as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The chiefs of the tribes gathered for a council.
  2. The company’s board of chiefs approved the budget.
  3. The conference was attended by industry chiefs from around the world.
  4. The military chiefs discussed strategy in a closed-door meeting.
  5. The tribal chiefs exchanged gifts as a sign of peace.
  6. The team of chiefs analyzed the market trends.
  7. The group of chiefs negotiated a peace treaty.
  8. The panel of chiefs interviewed the candidates for the position.
  9. The council of chiefs made important decisions for the community.
  10. The department heads reported to the executive chiefs.

Singular Possessive of Chief

The singular possessive form of “Chief” is “Chief’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Chief:

  1. The Chief’s office is located on the top floor.
  2. I borrowed the Chief’s pen for a moment.
  3. The decision rests in the Chief’s hands.
  4. We need to respect the Chief’s authority.
  5. The responsibility falls on the Chief’s shoulders.
  6. The success of the project depends on the Chief’s guidance.
  7. I have a meeting with the Chief’s assistant tomorrow.
  8. The team followed the Chief’s instructions carefully.
  9. The document requires the Chief’s signature.
  10. The company announced the Chief’s retirement.

Plural Possessive of Chief

The plural possessive form of “Chief” is “Chiefs'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Chief:

  1. All of the Chiefs’ opinions were taken into consideration.
  2. The Chiefs’ decision was unanimous.
  3. The budget was approved by the Chiefs’ committee.
  4. The Chiefs’ authority extends to multiple departments.
  5. The project was presented to the Chiefs’ board.
  6. The Chiefs’ schedules are quite busy.
  7. The Chiefs’ positions require strong leadership skills.
  8. The success of the team reflects the Chiefs’ guidance.
  9. The company values the input of the Chiefs’ team.
  10. The Chiefs’ responsibilities include strategic planning.

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