Plural of Chief, Singular of Chiefs, Singular and plural of Chief

Plural of Chief, Singular of Chiefs, Singular and plural of Chief

Here we will learn the meaning of Chief & Chiefs, singular, plural, synonyms and example sentences of Chief and Chiefs. This basic lesson is very useful for kids and beginners. You will understand the difference between Chief and Chiefs. You will come to know about the singular of Chiefs and plural of Chief. This is brief but detailed lesson.

Meaning of Chief, Chiefs

The meaning of Chief is a leader or ruler of a people or clan.

Singular and Plural of Chief, Chiefs in English

Singular Plural
Chief Chiefs


Synonyms of Chief, Chiefs

  • captain
  • commander
  • director
  • head
  • leader
  • manager
  • ruler
  • superintendent
  • supervisor
  • President
  • bigwig
  • boss
  • chieftain
  • dictator
  • foreperson
  • general
  • governor
  • honcho
  • monarch
  • overlord
  • overseer
  • principal
  • proprietor
  • ringleader
  • sovereign
  • suzerain
  • big cheese
  • big gun
  • big wheel
  • head honcho
  • head person
  • key player
  • top brass


Use of Chief in Example Sentences

  • Can you persuade the chief to go along with your plan?
  • Her main claim to fame stems from her roles in various films.
  • He was released and given a new job as chief engineer.
  • The gang head escorted his henchman everywhere.
  • The department’s work is overseen by the chief clerk.
  • He was rehired as head engineer by the corporation.
  • His honesty is his strongest recommendation.
  • He was a Chief Inspector at the time.
  • The island’s chief feature was its beauty.
  • My main pastime is playing billiards.
  • The president is chief of the armed forces.

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Man Men
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Person People
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Horse Horses
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Kid Kids
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Feather Feathers
Louse Lice
bird Birds
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Magazine Magazines
Glass Glasses
Dress Dresses
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Beach Beaches
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Address Addresses
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School Schools
Plate Plates
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Artist Artists
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Door Doors
Suitcase Suitcases
Lady Ladies
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bill Bills
film Films
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Boat Boats
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Bag Bags
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Notebook Notebooks
Orange Oranges
ear Ears
corner Corners
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plan Plans
picture Pictures
path Paths
park Parks
page Pages
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Chief Chiefs
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Mother-in-law Mothers-in-law
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Step son Step sons
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Cry Cries
Watch Watches
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Maid servant Maid servants
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Scissors Scissors
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Cliff Cliffs
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Cuckoo Cuckoos
Calf Calves
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Wife Wives
Ass Asses
Self Selves
Ray Rays
Dog Dogs
Thief Thieves
Donkey Donkeys
Bone Bones
Buffalo Buffaloes
Baby Baby
Brother-in-law Brothers-in-laws
Caddy Caddies
Class  fellow Class fellows
Daughter-in-law Daughters-in-laws
Deck Decks
Deer Deers
Dozen Dozens
Father-in-law Fathers-in-laws
Fish Fishes
Hair Hairs
Loof Loops
Love Loves
Maidservant Maidservants
Mother-in-law Mothers-in-laws
Penny Pennies
Pitch Pitches
Poetry Poetries
Quiz Quizzes
Scissor Scissors
Sheep Sheeps
Singular  noon Plural noun
Sister-in-law Sisters-in-laws
Son-in-law Sons-in-laws
Stepson Stepsons
Trouser Trousers
Wish Wishes