Cornea Plural, What is the Plural of Cornea?

Meaning: the transparent layer forming the front of the eye.

Plural of CORNEA

Singular Plural
Cornea Corneas


  • tissue layer.
  • arcus senilis.

Cornea as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The surgeon performed a delicate operation on the cornea.
  2. The contact lens rests on the surface of the cornea.
  3. The optometrist examined the health of the patient’s cornea.
  4. The injury caused damage to the cornea of the eye.
  5. The laser surgery reshapes the cornea to improve vision.
  6. The transparent cornea allows light to enter the eye.
  7. The ophthalmologist treated a scratched cornea.
  8. The condition affected the clarity of the cornea.
  9. The patient underwent a transplant to replace the damaged cornea.
  10. The optician prescribed specialized lenses for irregular corneas.

Cornea as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The optometrists specialize in treating various eye conditions, including diseased corneas.
  2. The research study focused on the different shapes of human corneas.
  3. The ophthalmology clinic provides surgical treatments for damaged corneas.
  4. The patients received donor corneas for transplantation.
  5. The medical team studied the healing process of injured corneas.
  6. The scientists developed a new technique for measuring irregular corneas.
  7. The artificial corneas showed promising results in clinical trials.
  8. The ophthalmologists examined the thickness of the patients’ corneas.
  9. The treatment aimed to correct astigmatism in the patients’ corneas.
  10. The opticians fitted specialized lenses for patients with irregular corneas.

Singular Possessive of Cornea

The singular possessive form of “Cornea” is “Cornea’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Cornea:

  1. The cornea’s transparency allows light to enter the eye.
  2. Please clean the cornea’s surface before the surgery.
  3. The doctor examined the cornea’s curvature carefully.
  4. The health of the cornea’s cells is essential for vision.
  5. The laser surgery reshaped the cornea’s surface.
  6. The contact lens rests on the cornea’s outer layer.
  7. The ophthalmologist evaluated the cornea’s thickness.
  8. The eye drops help keep the cornea’s moisture balance.
  9. The corneal transplant improved the cornea’s condition.
  10. The optometrist checked the cornea’s refractive power.

Plural Possessive of Cornea

The plural possessive form of “Cornea” is “Corneas'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Cornea:

  1. The patients’ corneas’ health was closely monitored.
  2. The surgeon evaluated the corneas’ shape and clarity.
  3. The study examined the corneas’ response to different stimuli.
  4. The doctors analyzed the corneas’ healing process after surgery.
  5. The researchers observed the corneas’ response to UV light.
  6. The ophthalmologists discussed the corneas’ refractive errors.
  7. The eye bank collected the corneas’ donations for transplantation.
  8. The contact lens solution should not come into contact with the corneas’ surface.
  9. The opticians measured the corneas’ curvature using a keratometer.
  10. The optometrists prescribed lenses tailored to the corneas’ individual needs.

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