Glass Plural, What is the plural of Glass?

Meaning: a hard, brittle substance which is used for liquid.

Singular and Plural of Glass

Singular Plural
Glass Glasses

Glass as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The delicate crystal glass shattered into a thousand pieces.
  2. I sipped the refreshing lemonade from a tall, frosty glass.
  3. The windowpane was cracked, and the glass was in need of repair.
  4. The artist blew air into the molten glass to shape it.
  5. I admired the intricate etchings on the antique glass
  6. The scientist carefully observed the reaction inside the test glass.
  7. The bartender wiped the glass clean before pouring a fresh drink.
  8. I marveled at the transparency and fragility of the stained glass
  9. The car’s windshield was made of sturdy, shatterproof glass.
  10. The magnifying glass revealed tiny details invisible to the naked eye.

Glass as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The party guests clinked their glasses together in a toast.
  2. The broken glasses were scattered across the kitchen floor.
  3. The window was covered in fingerprints and smudges on the glasses.
  4. The artist created a beautiful mosaic using different colored pieces of broken glasses.
  5. The waiter filled the empty glasses with sparkling water.
  6. The shelves were lined with various types of drinking glasses.
  7. The scientist handled the fragile glasses with extreme caution.
  8. The optician adjusted the glasses to fit the customer’s face properly.
  9. The kitchen cabinet was filled with neatly stacked plates and glasses.
  10. The shop displayed a wide selection of decorative glasses for sale.

Singular Possessive of Glass

The singular possessive form of “Glass” is “Glass’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Glass:

  1. The fingerprint smudge was on Glass’s surface.
  2. Glass’s transparency allows light to pass through.
  3. The artist engraved a design on Glass’s edge.
  4. We admired the reflection in Glass’s mirror.
  5. The cleaner wiped Glass’s windowpane.
  6. The decorator chose a frame for Glass’s artwork.
  7. Glass’s fragility requires careful handling.
  8. The scientist studied the composition of Glass’s molecules.
  9. We sipped from Glass’s rim.
  10. The photographer captured the image through Glass’s lens.

Plural Possessive of Glass

The plural possessive form of “Glass” is “Glasses'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Glass:

  1. The server collected the used Glasses’ from the tables.
  2. The optician adjusted the fit of Glasses’ frames.
  3. The party guests raised their Glasses’ for a toast.
  4. The shelves displayed a variety of Glasses’ styles.
  5. The bartender polished the wine Glasses’ before use.
  6. We bought new Glasses’ for our kitchen.
  7. The auctioneer handled the antique Glasses’ with care.
  8. The optometrist checked the prescription of Glasses’ lenses.
  9. We put on our 3D Glasses’ for the movie.
  10. The scientist studied the properties of different Glasses’ compositions.

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