Grass Plural, What is the plural of Grass?

Meaning: vegetation consisting of typically short plants with long.

Singular and Plural of Grass


Grass as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The dog happily rolled on the soft grass in the park.
  2. The lush green grass contrasted with the barren landscape.
  3. The soccer ball bounced off the grass and into the goal.
  4. I sat under a tree, enjoying the shade and the cool grass.
  5. The golfer carefully lined up his shot on the perfectly manicured grass.
  6. The morning dew glistened on the blades of grass.
  7. The smell of freshly cut grass filled the air.
  8. I picnicked on a blanket spread out on the soft grass.
  9. The soccer field was covered in artificial grass.
  10. The gardener watered the thirsty grass in the scorching heat.

Grass as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The cows grazed peacefully on the green grasses of the meadow.
  2. The rabbits nibbled on the fresh, green grasses in the garden.
  3. The field was covered in wildflowers and tall grasses.
  4. The landscape was dotted with patches of different colored grasses.
  5. The hikers walked through a field of waist-high grasses.
  6. The soccer players struggled to keep their footing on the slippery grasses.
  7. The goats eagerly munched on the sweet, nutritious grasses.
  8. The wind rustled through the tall grasses, creating a soothing sound.
  9. The prairie was teeming with various types of native grasses.
  10. The landscaper planted a mixture of grass seeds to create a diverse patch of grasses.

Singular Possessive of Grass

The singular possessive form of “Grass” is “Grass’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Grass:

  1. I love the color of Grass’s blades.
  2. Grass’s growth is affected by the weather.
  3. The gardener mows Grass’s lawn regularly.
  4. We picnicked on Grass’s soft surface.
  5. Don’t step on Grass’s freshly planted area.
  6. Grass’s texture feels nice under bare feet.
  7. The rabbit nibbled on Grass’s edge.
  8. The dog rolled around on Grass’s patch.
  9. We enjoyed the scent of Grass’s freshly cut leaves.
  10. Grass’s resilience allows it to withstand harsh conditions.

Plural Possessive of Grass

The plural possessive form of “Grass” is “Grasses'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Grass:

  1. The lawnmower cut through Grasses’ fields.
  2. The soccer players played on Grasses’ turf.
  3. The cows grazed on Grasses’ meadows.
  4. The golfers teed off on Grasses’ fairways.
  5. We admired the variety of Grasses’ colors.
  6. The wind rustled through Grasses’ blades.
  7. The horses galloped across Grasses’ plains.
  8. The park had beautiful flowerbeds with Grasses’ ornamental grasses.
  9. We spotted wildflowers growing among Grasses’ clusters.
  10. The raindrops glistened on Grasses’ tips.

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