20+ Fruits That Start With U (Properties and Pictures)

Have you ever wondered what fruits start with U? You may have heard of a few, such as ugli fruit and Ugandan green bananas, but there are actually many delicious and nutritious fruits that begin with this letter. In this blog post, we’ll explore some 20+ fruits that start with U, ranging from the uncommon to the everyday.

List of Fruits That Start With U

  1. Ububese Fruit
  2. Ugli Fruit
  3. Ugni Berry Fruit
  4. Ugni Fruit
  5. Umari Fruit
  6. Umbra Fruit
  7. Umbrella Fruit
  8. Umbu Fruit
  9. Umeboshi Fruit
  10. Urava Fruit
  11. Usakhelauri
  12. Usuma Fruit
  13. Uva Rara Grape
  14. Uva Tosca Grape
  15. Uvalino Grape
  16. Uvilla
  17. Ugandan green bananas

10 Vegetable Fruits With U

  1. Ukrainian Heart Tomato
  2. Urad Beans
  3. Umatilla Russet Potato
  4. Umbrella Squash
  5. Ulluco
  6. Ulster Emblem Potato
  7. Umibudo
  8. Upland Cress
  9. Udupi Mattu Gulla Eggplant
  10. Ube

Exotic Fruits That Start With U

  • Ugli

Fruits That Begin With U and Properties

  1. Ububese Fruit: Ububese fruits are juicy tropical citrus fruit with a sweet and tart taste.
  2. Ugli Fruit: Also known as uniq fruit, ugli fruits are a cross between a grapefruit and an orange.
  3. Ugni Berry Fruit: A tropical fruit native to Chile, the ugni berry has a sweet and tart flavor.
  4. Udupi Mattu Gulla Eggplant: A small round eggplant native to Karnataka, the udupi mattu gulla has a sweet yet bitter taste.
  5. Umari Fruit: This tart, juicy fruit is native to the Amazonian and can be eaten fresh or made into jams and jellies.
  6. Umbra Fruit: An exotic tropical fruit with a sweet-tart flavor, umbra fruits can be used to make juices and smoothies.
  7. Umbrella Fruit: The umbrella fruit is a small, round yellowish-green fruit with a sweet taste.
  8. Umbu Fruit: A sweet and juicy tropical fruit native to northeast Brazil, the umbu has a chewy texture.
  9. Umeboshi Fruit: Umeboshi is a type of pickled Asian plum with a salty, tangy flavor.
  10. Urava Fruit: A tropical fruit native to East Africa and Southeast Asia, the urava has a sweet and tart taste.
  11. Usakhelauri: Also known as “the king of fruits”, usakhelauri is a large, yellowish-green fruit with a sweet, juicy pulp.
  12. Usuma Fruit: This exotic South American fruit has an unusual taste and texture similar to a mango.
  13. Upland Cress: This mild-tasting green has a slightly peppery flavor and is often used in salads and sandwiches.
  14. Uva Rara Grape: A type of green grape native to Italy, the uva rara has a light and crisp flavor.
  15. Uva Tosca Grape: An Italian white grape with a sweet, juicy flavor, the uva tosca is used for making wines and jams.
  16. Uvalino Grape: A type of green grape native to northwest Italy, the uvalino has a sweet and acidic flavor.
  17. Uvilla: A pale yellow fruit with an unusual honey-like taste, uvillas are often used in jams and jellies.
  18. Ugandan Green Bananas: These large green bananas have a creamy, sweet taste and are often boiled or fried.
  19. Ukrainian Heart Tomato: This small round tomato has a thin skin and a sweet, juicy flavor.
  20. Urad Beans: Urad beans are small black lentils that have a nutty, earthy taste and can be used in a variety of dishes.
  21. Umatilla Russet Potato: A type of yellowish-brown potato with a creamy texture, the Umatilla russet is often used for frying.
  22. Umbrella Squash: This yellow-green squash has a sweet, nutty flavor and is often used in soups and stews.
  23. Ulluco: A starchy root vegetable native to South America, ullucos have a slightly sweet flavor and can be eaten raw or cooked.
  24. Ulster Emblem Potato: This round, yellowish-brown potato has a fluffy texture and is great for roasting or frying.
  25. Umibudo: Also known as sea grapes, umibudos are small green fruits with a salty taste that can be eaten fresh or used to make salsas and sauces.

Fruits Starting With U and Pictures

Ububese Fruit Ububese Fruit
Ugandan green bananas Ugandan green bananas
Ugli Fruit Ugli Fruit
Ugni Fruit Ugni Fruit
Umari Fruit Umari Fruit
Umbra Fruit Umbra Fruit
Umbrella Fruit Umbrella Fruit
Umbu Fruit Umbu Fruit
Umeboshi Fruit Umeboshi Fruit
Urava Fruit Urava Fruit
Usakhelauri Usakhelauri
Usuma Fruit Usuma Fruit
Uva Rara Grape Uva Rara Grape
Uva Tosca Grape Uva Tosca Grape
Uvalino Grape Uvalino Grape
Uvilla Uvilla

Infographics – Fruits With U

Fruits That Start With u

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