22 Fruits that Start With F (Pictures and Properties)

Fruits are nutritional powerhouses that are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, so it’s no wonder why many of us love them! Do you know which fruits start with the letter F? From fresh figs to funny-looking feijoas, this blog post will introduce you to 22 fruits that begin with the letter F. We’ll discuss their properties, health benefits and provide pictures for easy identification when grocery shopping or creating a fruit salad. So if you’re ready to learn more about these amazing fruits that start with F – read on!

List of Fruits that Start With F

  1. Fairchild Tangerine Fruit
  2. False Jaboticaba
  3. False Mastic Fruit
  4. Farkleberry
  5. Fascell Mango
  6. Fazli Mango
  7. Fe’i Banana
  8. Feijoa (Pineapple Guava)
  9. Fibrous Satinash Fruit
  10. Field Cucumber
  11. Fig
  12. Finger Lime
  13. Five Flavors Berry
  14. Flatwoods Plum
  15. Florentine Citron
  16. Florida Cherry
  17. Florida Strangler Fig
  18. Forest Strawberry Fruit
  19. Fox Grape
  20. Fuji Apple
  21. Feijoas
  22. Fukushu Kumquat

Vegetable Fruit Starting With F

  1. Fava Bean
  2. Field Cucumber
  3. Fiddlehead Fern
  4. Fat Hen
  5. Fenugreek
  6. Fennel
  7. Flat Bean
  8. Flat Cabbage
  9. French Bean
  10. Field Blewit
  11. False Daisy

Tropical Fruits That Start With F

  1. Fig

Exotic Fruits That Start With F

  1. Finger Lime
  2. Feijoa
  3. Fruit Salad Plant

Fruits Names That Start With F and Pictures

Fox GrapeFox Grape
Fe’i BananaFei Banana
Florentine CitronFlorentine Citron
Forest Strawberry FruitForest Strawberry Fruit
False Mastic FruitFalse Mastic Fruit
Flatwoods PlumFlatwoods Plum
Florida Strangler FigFlorida Strangler Fig
Fibrous Satinash FruitFibrous Satinash Fruit
Fazli MangoFazli Mango
Fairchild Tangerine FruitFairchild Tangerine Fruit
False JaboticabaFalse Jaboticaba
Finger LimeFinger Lime
Fuji AppleFuji Apple
Five Flavors BerryFive Flavors Berry
Florida CherryFlorida Cherry
Field CucumberField Cucumber
Fascell MangoFascell Mango
Feijoa (Pineapple Guava)Feijoa
Fukushu KumquatFukushu Kumquat

Fruits Starting With F and Properties

1. Fairchild Tangerine Fruit:

This small, sweet citrus fruit is similar to a tangerine and contains high amounts of vitamin C, and packs a flavor punch.

2. False Jaboticaba:

A unique fruit native to the tropical Americas, this grape-like fruit is juicy and mild with a subtle sweetness.

3. False Mastic Fruit:

This evergreen shrub found in Florida produces small yellow fruits that have a sweet and tart flavor.

4. Farkleberry:

Native to the southeastern United States, this small berry has a sweet-tart flavor and is often used to make jams or jellies.

5. Fascell Mango:

This mango variety is large and oblong in shape with yellow flesh that’s sweet and juicy.

6. Fazli Mango:

This popular variety of mango contains a high amount of vitamin C and has a sweet, yet tart flavor.

7. Fe’i Banana:

A unique variety of banana native to the South Pacific Islands, these green-skinned fruits have a distinct flavor that ranges from sweet to tart.

8. Feijoa (Pineapple Guava):

This weird-looking fruit has a flavor that’s reminiscent of pineapple and guava, making it a popular choice for smoothies or salads.

9. Fibrous Satinash Fruit:

This small, yellow-green fruit is native to South America and can be eaten fresh or used to make jam, jellies, and preserves.

10. Field Cucumber:

This cucumber variety is small and has an acidic flavor, making it perfect for pickling or adding to salads.

11. Fig:

Figs are sweet and juicy fruits that come in a variety of colors and can be eaten fresh or dried.

12. Finger Lime:

Also known as the “caviar of limes,” this citrus fruit is oval-shaped with an acidic flavor and a crunchy texture.

13. Five Flavors Berry:

Native to China, this small berry has a flavor that blends sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and pungent tastes.

14. Flatwoods Plum:

This tart plum is native to the southeastern United States and can be eaten fresh or cooked down into a jam or jelly.

15. Florentine Citron:

This large fruit, which can weigh up to 2 pounds, has a thick rind that is aromatic when ripe and juicy pulp with seeds inside.

16. Florida Cherry:

This cherry variety is small and sweet, with a bright red color.

17. Florida Strangler Fig:

This bizarre-looking fruit is native to South Florida and has a unique flavor that’s slightly acidic and sweet.

18. Forest Strawberry Fruit:

This delicious berry is found in the wild throughout North America and Europe and has an intense flavor.

19. Fox Grape:

This purple grape has a sweet-tart flavor and is commonly used to make wines and jams.

20. Fuji Apple:

One of the most popular apple varieties, this crisp and juicy fruit has a sweet taste that’s perfect for snacking or baking.

21. Feijoas:

Native to South America, this oval-shaped fruit has a sweet flavor that’s reminiscent of pineapple and strawberry.

22. Fukushu Kumquat:

This unique citrus fruit is small and round with a tart flavor and can be eaten fresh or candied.


Which Yellow Color Fruit Start With F?

The yellow color fruit that starts with F is Fairchild Tangerine Fruit.

Which Green Color Fruit Start With F?

The green color fruit that starts with F is Feijoa.

Which Berry Start With F?

Some of the berries that start with F are Farkleberry and Five Flavors Berries.

Which Apple Start With F?

The apple that starts with F is Fuji Apple.


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