29 Fruits That Start With R (Properties and Pictures)

Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to fruits that start with the letter R? Look no further! Here’s a list of 29 different fruits that start with R, their properties, and pictures. Each fruit is unique, so be sure to read through the descriptions carefully to find out which one fits your needs best. Bon Appetit!

List of Fruits that Start With R

  1. Red Bayberry
  2. Ramontchi
  3. Red Bush Apple
  4. Raspuri Mango
  5. Rata Fruit
  6. Raisin
  7. Rhobs el Arsa Fruit
  8. Rambutan Fruit
  9. Red Banana
  10. Red Delicious Apple
  11. Rose Hips Fruit
  12. Rough Lemon
  13. Red Mulberry
  14. Red Mombin Fruit
  15. Rangpur Lime
  16. Rambai
  17. Rockmelon
  18. Red Currant
  19. Rosigold Mango
  20. Red Huckleberry
  21. Riberry Fruit
  22. Roselles
  23. Rocha Pear
  24. Red Grape
  25. Rajka Apple
  26. Rose Apple Fruit
  27. Rollinia Fruit
  28. Raspberry Fruit
  29. Rumdul Fruit

Tropical Fruits With R

  1. Red mombin
  2. Rose apple
  3. Riberry
  4. Rose myrtle
  5. Red granadilla
  6. Rambutan

Exotic Fruits With R

  1. Rose Apple
  2. Rambutan
  3. Red Banana

Red Fruits With R

  1. Red Mulberry
  2. Red Mombin
  3. Red Bayberry
  4. Red Bush Apple
  5. Red Banana
  6. Red Huckleberry
  7. Red Delicious Apple
  8. Red Grape
  9. Redcurrant

Fruits Beginning With Letter R and Pictures

Rhobs el Arsa Fruit Rhobs el Arsa Fruit
Rose Apple Fruit Rose Apple Fruit
Red Mulberry Red Mulberry
Rose Hips Fruit Rose Hips Fruit
Red Bush Apple Red Bush Apple
Raspuri Mango Raspuri Mango
Rosigold Mango Rosigold Mango
Rollinia Fruit Rollinia Fruit
Rajka Apple Rajka Apple
Roselles Roselles
Rough Lemon Rough Lemon
Rumdul Fruit Rumdul Fruit
Rata Fruit Rata Fruit
Red Mombin Fruit Red Mombin Fruit
Red Banana Red Banana
Red Delicious Apple Red Delicious Apple
Red Bayberry Red Bayberry
Rocha Pear Rocha Pear
Rockmelon Rockmelon
Rambai Rambai
Raisin Raisin
Rambutan Fruit Rambutan Fruit
Red Huckleberry Red Huckleberry
Riberry Fruit Riberry Fruit
Ramontchi Ramontchi
Raspberry Fruit Raspberry Fruit
Red Currant Red Currant
Red Grape Red Grape
Rangpur Lime Rangpur Lime

Fruits Starting With R and Properties

Red Bayberry

Red bayberry, also known as Myrica rubra, is a small tree native to the subtropical regions of China and Taiwan. It produces bright red berries that are legendary for their sweet and sour flavor. The berries are packed with Vitamin C and flavonoids which may be beneficial for overall health. These fruits can be used as snacks or added to salads or desserts for a unique flavor.


Ramontchi is a rare tropical fruit found mainly in French Polynesia, the Caribbean, and parts of Central America. The fruit has an intense yellow-orange color on the outside but reveals a white creamy flesh on the inside when cracked open. Its taste is described as being sweet yet tart at the same time, making it great for salads or as a snack. It offers a variety of essential nutrients like vitamin A, B6, magnesium, and zinc which makes it beneficial to include in your diet.

Red Bush Apple

The red bush apple is an unusual variety of apples that originated from New Zealand but is now cultivated in some parts of Australia too. This deep red-colored fruit has thick skin and firm flesh with an excellent crunchy texture and sweet-sour taste. It’s one of those rare fruits loaded with numerous antioxidants along with Vitamin A, B-Complex vitamins, iron, and potassium which make it highly nutritious! Enjoy them fresh or add them to baked goods like pies or muffins—they won’t disappoint!

Raspuri Mango

Raspuri mangoes are harvested between May and June in India and they’re renowned for being superior to other varieties due to their fibreless pulp which makes them ideal for juicing purposes. They have bright yellow skin which hides the orange flesh that’s juicy yet firm in texture; this wonderful fruit is high in beta-carotene, Vitamin C, folate, and various minerals that make it very healthy indeed!

Rata Fruit

Rata fruits are round green orbs covered with an edible fuzz layer resembling kiwi fruits but much bigger—about two inches across! Inside you’ll discover creamy white segments full of delicious juice that tastes like guava mixed with lime; these fruits are very low in calories yet contain vitamins A, B2, potassium, magnesium copper, phosphorus, etc.; so don’t forget about their nutritional benefits either!


Raisins are dried grapes – sweet chewy morsels perfect for snacking on or adding to cookies, cereal, trail mix yogurt, granola bars, etc.; they’re rich in dietary fiber, calcium, iron, potassium, selenium, among other essential vitamins minerals plus loads of antioxidants such as polyphenols, catechins, flavanones, anthocyanidins, etc.; all these compounds work together towards promoting good health so don’t forget about adding some raisins into your daily meals every now then!

Rambutan Fruit

Rambutan is a tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia that has a bright red and spiky exterior. It has a sweet, juicy flavor and is a popular addition to many dishes in the region. The flesh of the fruit can be eaten raw or cooked down into sauces, jams, and desserts.

Red Banana

Red bananas are a variety of bananas with a deep red color when ripe. They are slightly sweeter than yellow bananas and have a unique taste that makes them stand out from other types of bananas. They are also high in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins A and C.

Red Delicious Apple

The Red Delicious apple is one of the most recognizable varieties of apples in the world because of its bright red color and distinct shape. It has an incredibly sweet taste that makes it ideal for snacking or for use in recipes such as pies or tarts. Its skin is firm yet smooth, allowing for easy peeling without sacrificing texture.

Rose Hips Fruit

Rose hips are the round fruit that grows on rose bushes after their flowers have wilted away during autumn and winter months. They range in color from yellow to dark orange but all contain an abundance of vitamin C which makes them highly sought after by jam makers who need large quantities of vitamin-C-rich fruits to produce their products. The flavor profile of wild rose hips can be quite tart so they need to be sweetened for consumption as food items like jams, jellies, syrups, wines, etc.

Rough Lemon

The rough lemon is a citrus fruit native to India and China but is now grown around the world. Its skin is thick with extensive knobbly protrusions which gives it its name – the “rough lemon” – but inside there’s a sweet-tasting flesh that has been used for centuries both medicinally and as a food flavoring for adding zestiness to dishes like curries and stews.

Red Mulberry

Red mulberries are small soft reddish-purple berries that grow on deciduous trees belonging to the Morus genus family found throughout Europe as well as parts of North Africa and Middle East Asia. Their fruits range in size from 1 cm long up to 2 cm in length. When ripe they possess an intense sweetness with notes of almond making them perfect candidates for jams, jellies, or baked goods. They can also be enjoyed fresh off the tree or dried like raisins with their rich depth intact.

Red Mombin Fruit

Red mombin is a large tropical fruit that originates from Central and South America. It has tough red skin with sweet, juicy orange flesh inside. The fruit is often used to make jams and jellies due to its sweet taste. It can also be eaten fresh or dried and is high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Rangpur Lime

Rangpur lime is a hybrid between the mandarin orange and lemon that was developed in India in the 19th century. It has a sweet yet tart flavor that makes it ideal for uses such as marmalades, candied fruits, preserves, or syrups. Rangpur limes are also known for their strong astringent properties which make them useful for treating skin infections or ailments such as colds.


Rambai is an Indonesian fruit closely related to starfruit but with distinct flavor characteristics of its own. Its taste ranges from sour to sweet and it is commonly used in Southeast Asian desserts such as es kacang or putu mayam where it lends an acidic tang to balance the sweetness of other ingredients like coconut milk syrup.


Rockmelon (also known as cantaloupe) is a type of melon that has pale orange flesh with a distinctive netted rind. The flavor of rockmelon ranges from mildly sweet to quite sugary making it perfect for adding bursts of flavor to salads. It also contains high levels of vitamin A, vitamin C, and beta-carotene so it’s also good for you!

Red Currant

Red currants are small berries found on deciduous shrubs native to northern Europe and western Asia. They have an intense sourness with notes of sweetness that makes them perfect for baking into pies. Red currants are incredibly high in vitamin C making them one of the best sources of this vital nutrient for fighting against diseases like scurvy.

Rosigold Mango

Rosigold mangoes originate in India where they take their name from the two varieties crossed together: Rosa Sweet mangoes, which are slightly tart, and Golden Chance mangoes, which are sweet with hints of melon-like flavors. They have a thick yellow skin when ripe while having firm yellowish-pink flesh inside which can be enjoyed raw or cooked down into sauces or chutneys.

Red Huckleberry

Red huckleberries are small round berries native to North America with a bright red color when ripe. They have a unique flavor that can range from sweet and juicy to tart depending on the variety. They contain several antioxidants and vitamins including vitamins B1, B2, C & E plus iron, magnesium & potassium which all support overall health. Red huckleberries can be eaten fresh off the bush or dried like raisins for use in cooking or baking recipes.

Riberry Fruit

The riberry fruit, also known as Syzygium luehmannii fruit growing on trees found mainly throughout Australia’s dry rainforest regions. This tiny round berry packs an intensely spicy punch paired with earthy undertones – making them great additions when cooking savory dishes such as stews or curries. Riberries are considered Australian superfoods due to not only their antioxidant content but also their antibacterial properties.


Roselles are small tart berries found in tropical regions such as the Caribbean. The berry’s color is intense and its flavor resembles a combination of cranberries, tart cherries, and raspberries with a hint of lemon. Roselles can be eaten fresh or used to make marmalade, jellies, and jams, as well as boiled into a sweet beverage.

Rocha Pear

The Rocha pear is a type of European pear that was discovered in Portugal during the 19th century. Its shape is more squat than other varieties of pears and its skin color ranges from yellow-green to light brown. It has an unusual flavor with hints of peach, pineapple, and melon making it unique among other pear varieties. Its soft texture is also desirable for use in cooking.

Red Grape

Red grapes are one of the most popular grape varieties which have been cultivated for centuries. They range in color from purple-red to almost black depending on their ripeness. Their taste ranges from sweet to sour making them great for snacking or adding sweetness to salads. Red grapes are packed full of vitamins A, B6, C & K plus fiber so they’re great for your health too!

Rajka Apple

The Rajka apple belongs to the Pink Lady variety but has its own distinct characteristics such as its slightly harder flesh, bright red skin with yellow stripes when ripe, and sweet yet slightly acidic taste profile. It also has a longer shelf life than many other apple types making it ideal for shipping over long distances. It’s commonly used in desserts like tarts because of its flavor profile.

Rose Apple Fruit

Rose apples belong to the same group as apples but they aren’t related. Instead, they are actually part of the flower family and contain tiny edible flowers inside each fruit when ripe! These fruits grow on trees throughout Southeast Asia and have a unique rose-like aroma when sliced open coupled with a mildly sweet-tasting flesh that makes them perfect for adding complexity to desserts such as cakes or crumbles.

Rollinia Fruit

The Rollinia fruit is native to North Brazil where it can be found growing on trees along river banks during summertime. This lesser-known exotic fruit has a white creamy pulp surrounding seeds which can vary from tasting mild or tart depending on the variety. These fruits look quite strange as their outward appearance resembles artichokes rather than what we associate with typical fruits but their taste is something special indeed!

Raspberry Fruit

Raspberries are small red berries that grow wild throughout Europe, North America, and parts of Asia. They have an incredibly sweet yet slightly tart flavor that goes perfectly in desserts like cheesecakes or pies but can also be eaten fresh off the bush or dried like raisins. Raspberries offer numerous health benefits since they contain antioxidants, and minerals such as vitamin C plus dietary fiber all of which help to keep us healthy!

Rumdul Fruit

Rumdul fruit is native to Cambodia where it grows in clusters atop several species of trees within native forests throughout the country. Its name comes from its distinctive smell while ripening smelling much like rum! When ripe these fruits turn bright orangey-pink before taking on their deep red hue upon harvest. The scented flesh possesses both sweetness and treacle flavors making them delicious snacks enjoyed by local children daily!


Which Red Fruit Start With Letter R?

Raspberries are the color fruit with r.

Which Black/Yellow Fruit Start With Letter R?

Raisins are a black fruit with the letter r.

Which Yellow Fruit Start With Letter R?

Rambai is a fruit of yellow color starting with r.

Which Purple Fruit Start With Letter R?

Ramontchi is a purple color fruit with the letter ‘r’.

Which Green Fruit Start With Letter R?

Rangpur lime is a famous green color fruit with the letter ‘r’.

Which White Fruit Start With Letter R?

Rollinia fruit is a white color fruit with the letter ‘r’. (Its inner is white and its outer is green.)


Fruits That Start With rfruits that starts with r

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