38 Fruits That Start With L (Pictures and Properties)

Fruits have been a staple of human diets since ancient times, offering us sustenance and health benefits. They offer an incredible variety of flavors, colors, and shapes that make them enjoyable to eat fresh or used as ingredients in dishes. Today we’re exploring 38 fruits you can find around the world that start with the letter “L.”

From tropical fruits like lychees to little-known European staples like loganberries, you’re sure to expand your culinary horizons (and fill up on antioxidants) with this unique list!

List of Fruits That Start With L

  1. Lablab Fruit
  2. Lady Apple Fruit
  3. Lady Finger Bananas
  4. Lakoocha Fruit
  5. Lambkin Melon
  6. Lancetilla Mango
  7. Langley Bullace Damson Plums
  8. Langra Mango
  9. Langsat Fruit
  10. Lantana Camara Berries
  11. Lapsi Fruit
  12. Laranja
  13. Lardizabala Fruit
  14. Le Conte Pear
  15. Lemato Fruit
  16. Lemon
  17. Lemon Aspen/Lemonwood
  18. Lemon Drop Melon
  19. Leucaena Fruit
  20. Liberty Apple
  21. Lilly Pilly Berries
  22. Lima Orange
  23. Limau Bali
  24. Lime
  25. Limeberry Fruit
  26. Limequat
  27. Lingonberries
  28. Lippens Mango
  29. Lodi Apple
  30. Loganberry
  31. Long Island Cheese Pumpkin
  32. Long Neck Avocado
  33. Longan
  34. Loquat Fruit
  35. Lord Lambourne Apple
  36. Louise Bonne Of Jersey Pear
  37. Lucuma Fruit
  38. Lychee Fruit

Exotic Fruits That Start With L

  • Long Mulberry
  • Lychee
  • Longan
  • Lulo
  • Langsat

Tropical Fruits That Start With L

  • Lucuma
  • Langsat
  • Lemon aspen
  • Longan
  • Lychee
  • Lablab
  • Leucaena
  • Lime berry
  • Lakoocha
  • Lemon

Fruits Names That Start With L

Lemon Aspen/LemonwoodLemonwood
Limau BaliLimau Bali
Lady Apple FruitLady Apple Fruit
Lakoocha FruitLakoocha Fruit
Lemato FruitLemato Fruit
Lychee FruitLychee Fruit
Lambkin MelonLambkin Melon
Langra MangoLangra Mango
Lippens MangoLippens Mango
Lady Finger BananasLady Finger Bananas
Lemon Drop MelonLemon Drop Melon
Lablab FruitLablab Fruit
Lantana Camara BerriesLantana Camara Berries
Lilly Pilly BerriesLilly Pilly Berries
Langsat FruitLangsat Fruit
Le Conte PearLe Conte Pear
Langley Bullace Damson PlumsLangley Bullace Damson Plums
Lima OrangeLima Orange
Lord Lambourne AppleLord Lambourne Apple
Lancetilla MangoLancetilla Mango
Long Neck AvocadoLong Neck Avocado
Loquat FruitLoquat Fruit
Lardizabala FruitLardizabala Fruit
Lucuma FruitLucuma Fruit
Louise Bonne Of Jersey PearLouise Bonne Of Jersey Pear
Long Island Cheese PumpkinLong Island Cheese Pumpkin
Limeberry FruitLimeberry Fruit
Leucaena FruitLeucaena Fruit
Liberty AppleLiberty Apple
Lapsi FruitLapsi Fruit
Lodi AppleLodi Apple

Fruits Starting With L and Properties

Lablab Fruit

Lablab Fruit has a crisp, sweet flavor and is a great snack for all ages. The juicy fruit is filled with vitamins and minerals and is known to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Lady Apple

Lady Apple Fruit is the only apple variety that grows on trees native to India. It has a light, sweet taste with a slightly sour aftertaste that can be enjoyed in salads, smoothies, and desserts.

Lady Finger Bananas

Lady Finger Bananas are small, finger-sized bananas that offer intense sweetness when ripe and can be enjoyed in dishes from breakfast to dinner.

Lakoocha Fruit

Lakoocha Fruit has an intensely sweet flavor that’s best enjoyed fresh off the tree or dried for longer shelf life. It contains high levels of nutrients like iron, magnesium, and potassium.

Lambkin Melon

Lambkin Melon has a mild flavor similar to cantaloupe and honeydew melons but with brighter orange flesh. Its succulent texture makes it perfect for smoothies or a healthy snack on its own.

Lancetilla Mango

Lancetilla Mango is a type of mango grown exclusively in Honduras that offers an intensely rich flavor with a creamy texture when ripe. They make wonderful ingredients in salsas, spreading’s, salads, or simply eaten fresh!

Langley Bullace Damson Plums

Langley Bullace Damson Plums are small, oval-shaped plums with dark purple skin and a sweet flavor. They can be enjoyed whole or used to make jams or jellies.

Langra Mango

Langra Mango is an aromatic variety of mango that’s native to North India. Its flavor is sweet and tart, with a custard-like texture when ripe.

Langsat Fruit

Langsat Fruit is grown in the tropical climates of Southeast Asia and has a soft, sweet flavor similar to citrus fruits. It can be eaten raw or cooked into jams or desserts.

Lantana Camara Berries

Lantana Camara Berries are small, round berries that are yellow to orange in color when ripe. They have a unique flavor profile with hints of citrus and tropical fruit.

Lapsi Fruit

Lapsi Fruit is an Indian delicacy with a crisp and juicy texture when ripe. Its flavor is sweet and tart and can be enjoyed fresh off the tree or cooked into jams, curries, and other dishes.


Laranja is a sweet and juicy citrus fruit with a thick, textured skin that’s perfect for juicing. It’s packed with Vitamin C and has been used in traditional medicine for centuries.


Lardizabala Fruit is an exotic berry native to South America that offers a complex flavor of sweet and tangy notes. The small, translucent berries can be eaten raw or cooked into jams, jellies, and syrups.

Le Conte Pear

Le Conte Pear is known as the dessert pear due to its sweet flavor and buttery texture. It’s the perfect addition to salads, sauces, or simply enjoyed on its own as a snack!

Lemato Fruit

Lemato Fruit is an interesting hybrid of tomato and lemon that has a unique sour taste with hints of sweetness. Add this special ingredient to salads, soups, and sauces for an extra zesty kick!


Lemon is one of the most widely used fruits in cooking thanks to its bright tartness that brings out the flavors of foods it’s paired with. Enjoy it fresh in drinks, baking, or savory dishes.

Lemon Aspen/Lemonwood

Lemon Aspen/Lemonwood is an Australian native fruit that has a strong lemon aroma with very tart flavor notes when eaten fresh off the tree. Its fragrant aroma makes it great for infusing syrups and desserts!

Lemon Drop Melon

Lemon Drop Melon is a vibrant variety of melons with bright yellow rind and juicy white flesh. Its tart flavor makes it perfect to be used in salads, salsas, and sauces.

Leucaena Fruit

Leucaena Fruit is an intriguing cylindrical-shaped fruit from Mexico that has an intense sweet and sour flavor. Enjoy it fresh or cooked in savory dishes for a unique zesty kick!

Liberty Apple

Liberty Apple is a unique variety of apples with dark red skin and a crisp, juicy, tart flesh. It’s known for its flavorful complexity that offers a subtle sweetness to any dish.

Lilly Pilly Berries

Lilly Pilly Berries are small, sweet berries native to Australia that offer a unique tangy taste perfect for jams, jellies, smoothies, and desserts.

Lima Orange

Lima Orange is a type of citrus fruit that has a mild acidic taste similar to lime but slightly sweeter in flavor. Enjoy this exotic fruit raw or cooked into sauces and desserts!

Limau Bali

Limau Bali is an Indonesian citrus fruit with an intensely sour flavor similar to lime but much tarter in taste. Add this special ingredient to dishes as you would use lemon or lime juice!


Lime is a multi-purpose citrus fruit with an ultra-tart flavor that brings out the flavors in any dish it’s paired with. Enjoy it fresh off the tree, added to drinks, or used as seasoning in savory dishes.

Limeberry Fruit

Limeberry Fruit is a hybrid variety of lime and raspberry that combines the tartness of lime with the sweetness of raspberries. Enjoy it fresh or cooked into jams and jellies for an extra zesty kick!


Limequat is a unique citrus fruit similar to lime but tangier in flavor. Its aromatic skin can be used as seasoning in savory dishes and its juice can be used to make cocktails and marinades.


Lingonberries are small, tart berries native to Scandinavia that have been eaten for centuries. They can be enjoyed raw or cooked into jams, juices, and syrups for a unique sweet-tart flavor.

Lippens Mango

Lippens Mango is an exotic mango variety originating from India that has yellow flesh with a sweet, tropical taste. Enjoy it raw or use it to infuse everything from teas to sauces and desserts!

Lodi Apple

Lodi Apple is a classic apple variety with green skin and a sweet-tart flavor profile. It’s perfect for baking, snacking or juicing thanks to its juicy texture and amazing flavor!


Loganberry is a type of berry that combines the tartness of blackberries with the sweetness of raspberries to create one unique flavor. Enjoy this berry raw or cooked into jams, jellies, and syrups!

Long Island Cheese Pumpkin

Long Island Cheese Pumpkin is an heirloom variety of pumpkins with white/light orange skin resembling cheese rounds at maturity. Its sweet-nutty pulp makes it ideal for making pies, soups, and purees!

Long Neck Avocado

Long Neck Avocado is an interesting avocado variety originating from Mexico that has an oblong shape with greenish-yellow skin when ripe. Its creamy flesh offers a mild nutty flavor perfect for guacamole!


Longan is a small fruit native to Southeast Asia with sweet, juicy flesh and a hard brown shell. Enjoy it fresh or cooked into jams, jellies, and syrups for a unique tropical flavor!

Loquat Fruit

Loquat Fruit is an exotic citrus fruit with a sweet-tart flavor and yellow/orange skin when ripe. Enjoy its unique taste fresh off the tree or cooked into sauces and desserts!

Lord Lambourne Apple

Lord Lambourne Apple is an heirloom variety of apples originating from England that has bright red skin and a crisp refreshing flavor. Perfect for snacking, baking, or juicing thanks to its amazing texture!

Louise Bonne Of Jersey Pear

Louise Bonne Of Jersey Pear is an old-world pear variety with deep green skin and juicy white flesh. Its intense sweetness makes it perfect for salads, desserts, or eaten on its own as a snack!

Lucuma Fruit

Lucuma Fruit is an exotic species of tree native to subtropical zones of South America that produces sweet yellow fruit with a smooth texture. Add this special ingredient to ice cream, shakes, or desserts for a touch of exotic flavor!

Lychee Fruit

Lychee Fruit is a tropical Chinese delicacy with thick leathery skin and succulent pulp inside. Enjoy it fresh or cook it into jams, jellies, and syrups to make your dishes truly out of this world!


What are the Red Color Fruits That Start L?

Lady Apples and Loganberries are yellow color fruits that start with the letter “L”.

What are the Green Color Fruits That Start L?

Lucuma and Limequat are green color fruits that start with l.

What are the Yellow Color Fruits That Start L?

Lemon, Lancetilla mango and liberty apple are all yellow color fruits that start with the letter “L”.

What is the Black Color Fruit That Starts L?

Lardizabala is a black color fruit that starts with the letter l.


Fruits That Start With lfruits that starts with l

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