Pleura Plural, What is the Plural of Pleura?

Pleura Plural, What is the Plural of Pleura?

Meaning: each of a pair of serous membranes

Singular and Plural of Pleura

Singular Plural
pleura Pleuras/pleurae

Pleura as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The doctor examined the patient’s inflamed pleura.
  2. The radiologist detected abnormalities in the lung pleura.
  3. The surgeon performed a procedure to remove fluid from the pleura.
  4. The chest X-ray revealed a thickening of the pleura.
  5. The disease affected the lining of the visceral pleura.
  6. The doctor explained the role of the parietal pleura in lung function.
  7. The thoracic surgeon repaired a tear in the diaphragmatic pleura.
  8. The patient experienced sharp pain in the costal pleura.
  9. The medical student studied the anatomy of the mediastinal pleura.
  10. The radiologist noticed calcifications in the pleural pleura.

Pleura as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The patients had multiple lesions on their lung pleura.
  2. The surgeons performed surgeries to remove tumors from the affected pleura.
  3. The doctors diagnosed the presence of metastasis in the pleural pleura.
  4. The radiologists identified abnormalities in both pulmonary pleura.
  5. The pathologists examined tissue samples from the malignant pleura.
  6. The medical researchers studied the cellular composition of healthy and diseased pleura.
  7. The patients experienced difficulty breathing due to inflammation of the pleural pleura.
  8. The CT scan revealed thickening in the bilateral pleural pleura.
  9. The oncologists treated the cancer that had spread to the thoracic pleura.
  10. The pulmonologists monitored the fluid accumulation in the bilateral pleural pleura.

Singular Possessive of Pleura

The singular possessive form of “Pleura” is “Pleura’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Pleura:

  1. The patient’s Pleura’s condition was concerning to the doctor.
  2. We observed the Pleura’s reaction to the medication.
  3. The surgeon examined the Pleura’s layers during the procedure.
  4. The X-ray revealed a shadow on the Pleura’s surface.
  5. The specialist studied the intricacies of the Pleura’s function.
  6. The researcher analyzed the composition of the Pleura’s cells.
  7. The doctor explained the importance of the Pleura’s role in breathing.
  8. We could see the inflammation on the Pleura’s membrane.
  9. The ultrasound showed a tumor on the Pleura’s lining.
  10. The scientist investigated the Pleura’s regenerative capabilities.

Plural Possessive of Pleura

The plural possessive form of “Pleura” is “Pleurae’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Pleura:

  1. The patients’ Pleurae’s conditions varied in severity.
  2. We examined the X-rays to assess the Pleurae’s abnormalities.
  3. The specialists conducted research on the Pleurae’s functions.
  4. The surgeons performed surgeries on the Pleurae’s affected areas.
  5. The doctors studied the relationship between the Pleurae’s layers.
  6. We observed the changes in the Pleurae’s structure over time.
  7. The researchers analyzed the data collected from the Pleurae’s samples.
  8. The clinic provided treatments for Pleurae’s diseases.
  9. The scientists discovered new insights into the Pleurae’s composition.
  10. The team investigated the Pleurae’s response to different stimuli.

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