Auto Plural, What is the Plural of Auto?

Meaning of Auto

The meaning of Auto is a car.

Singular and Plural of Auto, Autos in English

Singular Plural
Auto Autos

Synonyms of Auto

  • machine
  • vehicle
  • automobile
  • motorcar
  • passenger-car
  • coupe
  • sedan

Auto as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He drove the sleek auto along the winding road.
  2. She purchased a brand-new auto from the dealership.
  3. The mechanic inspected the auto for any issues.
  4. The auto‘s engine purred as it accelerated.
  5. The driver adjusted the seat in the auto for maximum comfort.
  6. The auto‘s headlights illuminated the dark road ahead.
  7. He admired the elegant design of the luxury auto.
  8. The auto‘s GPS guided them to their destination.
  9. The auto‘s tires screeched as it came to a sudden halt.
  10. The traffic congestion caused delays for the auto

Auto as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The dealership had a wide selection of pre-owned autos.
  2. The parking lot was filled with cars and autos.
  3. They rented several autos to accommodate the large group.
  4. The autos lined up for the start of the race.
  5. The mechanic worked on repairing multiple autos
  6. The autos honked their horns impatiently in the heavy traffic.
  7. The showroom showcased the latest models of luxury autos.
  8. The car show featured a variety of classic and modern autos.
  9. The highway was busy with autos heading towards the city.
  10. The rental agency provided insurance coverage for their fleet of autos.

Singular Possessive of Auto

The singular possessive form of “Auto” is “Auto’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Auto:

  1. The auto’s engine started making strange noises.
  2. Please check the oil level in the auto’s tank.
  3. The mechanic fixed the problem with the auto’s brakes.
  4. The driver’s seat in the auto’s comfortable and adjustable.
  5. I saw a scratch on the side of the auto’s door.
  6. The auto’s headlights illuminated the dark road.
  7. The owner’s manual provides information about the auto’s features.
  8. The GPS system in the auto’s dashboard guided us to our destination.
  9. The mechanic examined the auto’s tires for any signs of wear.
  10. The driver adjusted the mirrors in the auto’s interior.

Plural Possessive of Auto

The plural possessive form of “Auto” is “Autos'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Auto:

  1. The autos’ engines roared as they sped down the highway.
  2. The mechanics inspected the autos’ suspension systems.
  3. The drivers took pride in the cleanliness of their autos’ interiors.
  4. The car wash service ensured the shine of the autos’ exteriors.
  5. The parking lot was filled with the autos’ honking horns.
  6. The autos’ owners gathered for a car enthusiasts’ event.
  7. The mechanics checked the autos’ oil filters for any blockages.
  8. The autos’ headlights illuminated the dimly lit street.
  9. The insurance company covered the damages to the autos’ bodywork.
  10. The autos’ tires were replaced with new ones for better traction.

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