Mean Plural, What is the Plural of Mean?

Meaning: intend to convey or refer to

Singular and Plural of Mean

Singular plural
mean means

Mean as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. What is the mean of this data set?
  2. The mean of the scores was higher than expected.
  3. The professor explained the concept of mean in statistics.
  4. She calculated the mean by adding up all the numbers.
  5. The computer program can quickly calculate the mean for large datasets.
  6. The company’s performance was below the mean for the industry.
  7. The students learned how to find the mean in math class.
  8. The mean serves as a measure of central tendency.
  9. The statistician analyzed the mean and standard deviation of the data.
  10. The mean value can be influenced by outliers in the dataset.

Mean as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The survey results showed the means of the different age groups.
  2. The report highlighted the different means of transportation used.
  3. The city invested in various sustainable means of energy production.
  4. The researchers explored alternative means of communication.
  5. The study compared the cost-effectiveness of different means of transportation.
  6. The company explored new marketing means to reach customers.
  7. The panel discussed the ethical means of achieving the desired outcome.
  8. The team brainstormed creative means to solve the problem.
  9. The government implemented measures to improve the means of public transportation.
  10. The book described the historical means of warfare.

Singular Possessive of Mean 

The singular possessive form of “Mean” is “Mean’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Mean:

  1. I don’t understand Mean’s explanation of the concept.
  2. The success of the project relies on Mean’s expertise.
  3. Mean’s opinion carries weight in the discussion.
  4. The responsibility for the decision lies with Mean’s team.
  5. We need to consider Mean’s perspective in this matter.
  6. I can’t predict Mean’s reaction to the news.
  7. The outcome is uncertain; we’ll have to wait for Mean’s decision.
  8. Mean’s presence at the meeting was influential.
  9. The book explores the depths of Mean’s mind.
  10. The responsibility for the mistake falls on Mean’s shoulders.

Plural Possessive of Mean 

The plural possessive form of “Mean” is “Means'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Mean:

  1. The success of the project relies on the Means’ combined efforts.
  2. The decisions of the Means’ group were well-reasoned.
  3. We should consider the Means’ perspectives before finalizing the plan.
  4. The achievements of the Means’ team were remarkable.
  5. The responsibilities are divided among the Means’ departments.
  6. The funding for the project came from the Means’ investors.
  7. The challenges faced by the Means’ organization were significant.
  8. The ideas presented by the Means’ staff were innovative.
  9. The accomplishments of the Means’ team were celebrated.
  10. The opinions of the Means’ members differ on this issue.

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