Casa Plural, What is the Plural of Casa?

Meaning: a person’s house or home.

Plural of Casa

Singular Plural
Casa Casas

Synonyms of Casa

  • address
  • apartment
  • crib
  • den
  • digs
  • base
  • co-op
  • condo

Casa as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The casa is a traditional Mexican dwelling.
  2. We stayed in a beautiful beachfront casa.
  3. The casa was decorated with vibrant colors.
  4. The rustic casa had a cozy fireplace.
  5. The casa had a stunning view of the mountains.
  6. We rented a spacious casa for our vacation.
  7. The traditional Spanish-style casa had intricate details.
  8. The casa had a charming courtyard with a fountain.
  9. The old adobe casa was full of history.
  10. The luxurious casa had modern amenities.

Casa as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. We visited many beautiful casas during our trip.
  2. The village had several traditional Mexican casas.
  3. The tourists admired the colorful casas in the town.
  4. The beach town was lined with picturesque casas.
  5. The group rented adjacent casas for their vacation.
  6. The historic district featured well-preserved colonial casas.
  7. The town’s architecture included both modern and old casas.
  8. The real estate market had many affordable casas.
  9. The village had a community center with several small casas.
  10. The travelers explored the narrow streets lined with beautiful casas.

Singular Possessive of Casa

The singular possessive form of “Casa” is “Casa’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Casa:

  1. I admired the architecture of Casa’s new house.
  2. Casa’s garden is filled with beautiful flowers.
  3. The design of Casa’s living room is elegant.
  4. We had a pleasant evening at Casa’s dinner party.
  5. The keys to the car were left in Casa’s purse.
  6. The painting in the gallery is Casa’s prized possession.
  7. Casa’s cat enjoys lounging in the sunroom.
  8. We celebrated Casa’s birthday at a fancy restaurant.
  9. The book on the shelf belongs to Casa’s personal library.
  10. Did you see Casa’s car parked in the driveway?

Plural Possessive of Casa

The plural possessive form of “Casa” is “Casas'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Casa:

  1. The neighborhood is filled with beautiful Casas’ gardens.
  2. We attended the open house events at different Casas’.
  3. The families gathered at Casas’ houses for a block party.
  4. The architects designed the Casas’ exteriors with precision.
  5. Casas’ residents organized a community cleanup event.
  6. The decorators showcased their talents in Casas’ interiors.
  7. The painters added vibrant colors to the Casas’ walls.
  8. The real estate agents marketed the Casas’ features effectively.
  9. The owners’ association ensured the upkeep of the Casas’.
  10. The visitors admired the unique designs of the Casas’.

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