Stratum Plural, What is the Plural of Stratum?

Meaning: Series of layers of rock in the ground

Plural of Stratum


 Synonyms of Stratum

  • vein
  • thickness
  • stratification
  • layer
  • bed
  • sheet
  • seam
  • lode

Stratum as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The sedimentary stratum contained fossilized remains of ancient plants.
  2. The study examined the cultural practices of a specific social stratum.
  3. The researcher analyzed the economic indicators within each income stratum.
  4. The paleontologist discovered a unique fossil in a specific geological stratum.
  5. The historian studied the social dynamics of each historical stratum.
  6. The linguist analyzed the vocabulary used within a specific linguistic stratum.
  7. The anthropologist explored the customs and traditions of a particular tribal stratum.
  8. The survey measured the access to healthcare within each socioeconomic stratum.
  9. The study investigated the educational opportunities available to individuals in each educational stratum.
  10. The geologist examined the composition of each rock stratum.

Stratum as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The geological survey mapped the different rock strata in the region.
  2. The archaeologists studied the cultural practices across various historical strata.
  3. The researcher analyzed the income disparities between different socioeconomic strata.
  4. The study compared the linguistic variations across different language strata.
  5. The anthropologists studied the social organization within multiple tribal strata.
  6. The sociologists examined the mobility between different social strata.
  7. The analysis revealed the differences in educational attainment among different educational strata.
  8. The study examined the health outcomes across various socioeconomic strata.
  9. The researchers analyzed the voting patterns within different political strata.
  10. The stratigraphy analysis identified distinct sedimentary strata in the area.

Singular Possessive of Stratum

The singular possessive form of “Stratum” is “Stratum’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Stratum

  1. The stratum’s thickness determines its stability.
  2. Stratum’s location within the rock formation is significant.
  3. The excavation revealed the stratum’s unique characteristics.
  4. The geologist studied the stratum’s composition and age.
  5. The researcher examined the stratum’s fossil remains.
  6. The scientist analyzed the stratum’s geological history.
  7. The historian studied the stratum’s cultural artifacts.
  8. The archaeologist documented the stratum’s archaeological findings.
  9. The expert explored the stratum’s stratigraphic layers.
  10. The team investigated the stratum’s structural properties.

Plural Possessive of Stratum

The plural possessive form of “Stratum” is “Strata’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Stratum

  1. The researchers studied the strata’s lithological variations.
  2. The geologists analyzed the strata’s mineral content.
  3. The archaeologists documented the strata’s artifacts.
  4. The team investigated the strata’s fossilized remains.
  5. The experts studied the strata’s sedimentary layers.
  6. The scientists analyzed the strata’s chronological sequence.
  7. The researchers explored the strata’s depositional environment.
  8. The historians studied the strata’s historical context.
  9. The specialists examined the strata’s geological formations.
  10. The team mapped out the strata’s spatial distribution.

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