Buoy Plural, What is the plural of Buoy?

Meaning of Buoy is

an anchored float serving as a navigation mark, to show reefs or other hazards, or for mooring.

Singular and Plural of Buoy

Singular Plural
Buoy Buoys

Buoy as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The sailor tied the rope to the floating buoy.
  2. The fisherman spotted a red and white buoy in the water.
  3. The diver clung to the sturdy buoy while waiting for the boat.
  4. The captain used the buoy as a navigation marker.
  5. The storm damaged the navigational buoy in the harbor.
  6. The lifeguard swam towards the floating buoy to rescue the swimmer.
  7. The ocean buoy bobbed up and down with the waves.
  8. The lighthouse was equipped with a large buoy.
  9. The sailors relied on the buoy to mark the shallow waters.
  10. The ship dropped anchor near the buoy.

Buoy as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The bay was filled with multiple brightly colored buoys.
  2. The fishermen marked their fishing spot with several floating buoys.
  3. The storm caused damage to several navigational buoys.
  4. They tied the boat to a line of sturdy buoys.
  5. The sailors followed the channel marked by the series of buoys.
  6. The diver swam towards the underwater buoys to explore the reef.
  7. The coastguard spotted a group of adrift buoys in the sea.
  8. The marine research team deployed a network of scientific buoys.
  9. The marina had a collection of different types of floating buoys.
  10. The map indicated the locations of the various navigation buoys.

Singular Possessive of Buoy

The singular possessive form of “Buoy” is “Buoy’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Buoy:

  1. The buoy’s color faded over time.
  2. I can see the buoy’s reflection in the water.
  3. The storm damaged the buoy’s chain.
  4. The sailor relied on the buoy’s location marker.
  5. The waves crashed against the buoy’s base.
  6. The seagull perched on the buoy’s top.
  7. The fisherman tied his boat to the buoy’s buoyant body.
  8. The lighthouse shone its light towards the buoy’s position.
  9. The captain studied the buoy’s navigational chart.
  10. The wind blew the buoy’s flag vigorously.

Plural Possessive of Buoy

The plural possessive form of “Buoy” is “Buoys'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Buoy:

  1. The buoys’ colors varied depending on their purpose.
  2. The sailors relied on the buoys’ positions for navigation.
  3. The storm caused damage to the buoys’ chains.
  4. The waves crashed against the buoys’ sturdy bodies.
  5. The seagulls perched on the buoys’ tops, searching for food.
  6. The fishermen tied their boats to the buoys’ buoyant bodies.
  7. The lighthouses directed their lights towards the buoys’ locations.
  8. The captains studied the buoys’ navigational charts diligently.
  9. The winds blew the buoys’ flags in different directions.
  10. The ocean currents affected the positions of the buoys’ chains.

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