Candy Plural, What is the plural of Candy?

Meaning of Candy is

sweets; confectionery.

Singular and Plural of Candy

Singular Plural
Candy Candies

Candy as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She enjoyed a piece of chocolate candy after dinner.
  2. The child’s eyes sparkled at the sight of the colorful candy.
  3. He savored the sweet taste of a caramel candy.
  4. She unwrapped the peppermint candy and popped it in her mouth.
  5. The candy store displayed a wide selection of sugary candy.
  6. The teacher gave each student a small candy as a reward.
  7. The trick-or-treaters collected a bag full of Halloween candy.
  8. The chocolate factory produced various types of candy.
  9. He gifted her a box of gourmet candy for her birthday.
  10. The kids exchanged candy during a school event.

Candy as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They handed out colorful candies at the parade.
  2. The children filled their Halloween bags with assorted candies.
  3. She shared a bag of gummy candies with her friends.
  4. The candy shop offered a wide variety of nostalgic candies.
  5. He bought a jar of mixed candies from the store.
  6. The party favors included small bags of candies.
  7. They enjoyed the sweet taste of the fruit-flavored candies.
  8. The vending machine dispensed different types of candies.
  9. She purchased a box of gourmet candies as a gift.
  10. The moviegoers snacked on their favorite movie theater candies.

Singular Possessive of Candy

The singular possessive form of “Candy” is “Candy’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Candy:

  1. The child’s hand reached into the candy’s jar.
  2. The wrapper stuck to the candy’s surface.
  3. The birthday girl received a bag of candy’s favorite sweets.
  4. The vending machine contained a variety of candy’s choices.
  5. The store displayed the candy’s brand prominently.
  6. The dentist warned against excessive consumption of candy’s sugar.
  7. The mother rationed the candy’s quantity for her children.
  8. The party favors included candy’s small packets.
  9. The movie theater sold candy’s selection at the counter.
  10. The school prohibited students from bringing candy’s inside.

Plural Possessive of Candy

The plural possessive form of “Candy” is “Candies'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Candy:

  1. The children eagerly grabbed the candies’ wrappers.
  2. The candy store displayed the candies’ vibrant colors.
  3. The trick-or-treaters collected a variety of candies’ types.
  4. The holiday basket contained an assortment of candies’ flavors.
  5. The candy shopkeeper organized the candies’ shelves by type.
  6. The fundraiser sold the candies’ packages at discounted prices.
  7. The teacher rewarded the students with candies’ small treats.
  8. The vending machine’s selection included popular candies’ brands.
  9. The party bags were filled with candies’ individual portions.
  10. The candy jar overflowed with a colorful mix of candies’.

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