Body Parts That Start With Z

When it comes to the complexity and wonder of the human body, there’s no shortage of captivating details and knowledge. While we are often familiar with body parts that start with popular letters, diving into those that begin with the latter part of the alphabet can reveal a fascinating treasure trove of information.

Surprisingly, or perhaps not, ‘Z’ is not a common starter for body parts.

However, we’ve taken on the challenge to identify body parts that start with ‘Z’. Let’s embark on this unique journey and explore the lesser-known parts of our intricate bodies.

Body Parts That Start With Z

  1. Zygoma
  2. Zygomatic bone
  3. Zygomatic arch
  4. Zygomatic process
  5. Zygomaticus
  6. Zygomaticus major muscle
  7. Zygomaticus minor muscle
  8. Zygomaticofacial foramen
  9. Zygomaticotemporal foramen
  10. Zonule
  11. Zonule of Zinn
  12. Zona pellucida
  13. Zona reticularis
  14. Zona glomerulosa
  15. Zona fasciculata
  16. Zonular fibers
  17. Zonular cataract
  18. Zygoid
  19. Zonula occludens
  20. Zygomatico-orbital foramen
  21. Zygospore (although this is more related to fungal reproduction, it’s an interesting ‘Z’ term)
  22. Zona incerta

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Body Parts With Z – Infographics

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