50+ Body Parts That Start With H

Body Parts Starting With H! You know that there are countless inner and outer, tiny and large body parts in a human body. Here you will learn all the body parts that start with letter H. Each one has a specific function that helps us to live and thrive.

Body Parts That Start With H

  1. Hair
  2. Hand
  3. Heart
  4. Heel
  5. Hip
  6. Humerus
  7. Head
  8. Hyoid Bone
  9. Hypothalamus
  10. Hairs
  11. Hard Palate
  12. Hamstrings
  13. Hepatic Artery
  14. Hepatic Duct
  15. Hepatic Vein
  16. Hepatocytes
  17. Histamine
  18. Hyaline Cartilage
  19. Hymen
  20. Hypoglossal Nerve
  21. Hyoid Muscle
  22. Hypochondrium
  23. Hypogastric Region
  24. Hamate Bone
  25. Hyponychium
  26. Horizontal Fissure (of lung)
  27. Helix (of ear)
  28. Haversian Canals
  29. Heart Valves
  30. Hepatopancreatic Ampulla
  31. Hyperemia
  32. Histones
  33. Holocrine Glands
  34. Hemoglobin
  35. Hematocrit
  36. Hematopoietic Tissue
  37. Hemorrhoids
  38. Hormones
  39. Hypogastric Artery
  40. Hypoglossal Canal
  41. Hypothalamic Nuclei
  42. Hippocampus
  43. Hyoid Apparatus
  44. Hypertrophy
  45. Hard Contact Lens
  46. Heel Bone
  47. Head of Radius
  48. Hemipelvis
  49. Horizontal Plane
  50. Heliometer

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Body Parts Starting With H and Their Short Definition

  1. Heart – Organ that pumps blood throughout the body.
  2. Hand – End part of the human arm; used for grasping and holding.
  3. Hip – Joint where the thigh bone meets the pelvis.
  4. Humerus – Bone of the upper arm or forelimb.
  5. Heel – Back part of the human foot.
  6. Hair – Protein filament growing from follicles in the skin.
  7. Hamstrings – Group of muscles located at the back of the thigh.
  8. Hard Palate – The rigid, bony front part of the palate in the mouth.
  9. Hypothalamus – Region of the brain; controls body temperature, hunger, and sleep.
  10. Hippocampus – Part of the brain; important for memory and learning.
  11. Hyoid Bone – U-shaped bone in the neck; supports the tongue.
  12. Hepatic Duct – Duct that carries bile from the liver.
  13. Hepatitis – Inflammation of the liver.
  14. Hernia – Bulging of an organ through the structure that normally contains it.
  15. Hair Follicles – Organ that produces hair.
  16. Hemoglobin – Protein in red blood cells; carries oxygen.
  17. Hyaline Cartilage – Most common type of cartilage; found in the nose, trachea, and at the ends of bones.
  18. Hallux – The big toe.
  19. Hard Disc – Fibrous structure found in intervertebral discs.
  20. Haversian Canal – Central canal in the osteon of compact bone; contains blood vessels and nerves.
  21. Helix – The outer rim of the ear.
  22. Hematopoiesis – The production of blood cells and platelets.
  23. Hypodermis – The deepest layer of the skin; contains fat and connective tissues.
  24. Hemorrhoid – Swollen blood vessels in the lower rectum and anus.
  25. Hormones – Chemical messengers; produced by glands in the endocrine system.
  26. Homeostasis – Maintenance of a stable internal environment in the body.
  27. Hydrochloric Acid – Acid produced by the stomach; helps in digestion.
  28. Hemisphere – Half of a spherical structure, often referring to the two halves of the brain.
  29. Histamines – Compounds involved in local immune responses; can cause inflammation.
  30. Hinge Joint – Joint between bones that allows movement in one direction, like the elbow.
  31. Hyaluronic Acid – Substance in the skin; helps retain moisture and collagen.
  32. Hypoglossal Nerve – Twelfth cranial nerve; controls most of the muscles in the tongue.
  33. Hallucis – Relating to the big toe or hallux.
  34. Hemisphere – Each of the two parts of the brain, left and right.
  35. Hypophysis (Pituitary Gland) – Major endocrine gland; controls growth and development.
  36. Hemostasis – Process to prevent and stop bleeding or hemorrhage.
  37. Hematoma – Swelling of clotted blood within tissues.
  38. Hepatocytes – Liver cells; responsible for protein synthesis and detoxification.

Body Parts With H – Infographics

body parts starting with h body parts beginning with h