50+ Body Parts That Start With D

Body Parts Starting With D! You know that there are countless inner and outer, tiny and large body parts in a human body. Here you will learn all the body parts that start with letter D. Each one has a specific function that helps us to live and thrive.

Body Parts That Start With D

  1. Dander
  2. Dendritic Cells
  3. Dickdarm
  4. Digital Nerves
  5. Dlan
  6. Dimple
  7. Ductus
  8. Dura Mater
  9. Dedo
  10. Deltoid Ligament
  11. Dinte
  12. Dientes
  13. Dorsal Cavity
  14. Dandruff
  15. Dast
  16. Diaphragm
  17. Digit
  18. Deltoide
  19. Deltoids
  20. Daliri
  21. Ducts
  22. Dorsal Papillae
  23. DNA
  24. Dartos
  25. Doo
  26. Digestive Tract
  27. Dito
  28. Dorsalis Pedis
  29. Duodeum
  30. Derriere
  31. Daliri
  32. Dorsal Rot Ganglion
  33. Dorsal Muscle
  34. Dura Cranial
  35. Decidua
  36. Dos
  37. Deviated Septum
  38. Dens
  39. Derrier
  40. Dermus
  41. Dua’s Layer
  42. Dermis
  43. Dedos Del Pie
  44. Diaghram
  45. Duct
  46. Double Chin
  47. Deltoid Muscle
  48. Digits
  49. Diapragm
  50. Dimples
  51. Diencephalon
  52. Deget
  53. Dentin
  54. Dura
  55. Descending Colon
  56. Dink
  57. Deriere
  58. Diaphram
  59. Delts
  60. Deudenum
  61. Dark Eyes
  62. Dents
  63. Doigts
  64. Discs

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Body Parts Starting With D and Their Short Definition

  1. Dermis – Layer of skin beneath the epidermis; contains blood vessels and nerves.
  2. Deltoid – Shoulder muscle; responsible for arm rotation and lifting.
  3. Duodenum – First part of the small intestine; receives food from the stomach.
  4. Diencephalon – Region of the brain; contains the thalamus and hypothalamus.
  5. Dorsum – Top part, often referring to the back of the hand or foot.
  6. Diaphragm – Muscle beneath the lungs; aids in respiration.
  7. Digits – Fingers or toes.
  8. Distal Phalanges – Bones at the tips of fingers and toes.
  9. Dental Pulp – Innermost part of a tooth; contains nerves and blood vessels.
  10. Ductus Arteriosus – Fetal blood vessel; that connects the pulmonary artery to the aorta.
  11. Dorsal Root Ganglion – Cluster of neurons in the spinal nerve; transmits sensory information.
  12. Dentrites – Extensions of nerve cells; that receive messages from other neurons.
  13. Ductus Deferens (Vas Deferens) – Male reproductive duct; carries sperm from the testes to the urethra.
  14. Dura Mater – Thick membrane; outermost layer surrounding the brain and spinal cord.
  15. Disc (Intervertebral Disc) – Cushion between vertebrae; absorbs shock.
  16. Dental Enamel – Hard, outer surface of a tooth.
  17. Dimple – Small, natural indentation in the skin, often on the cheek or chin.
  18. Duodenal Papilla – Opening where the pancreatic and bile ducts enter the duodenum.
  19. Deciduous Teeth – Primary teeth, also known as baby or milk teeth.
  20. Dermatitis – Inflammation of the skin.
  21. Dopamine – Neurotransmitter; involved in reward, motivation, and pleasure.
  22. Dermal Papillae – Projections of the dermis; interlocks with the epidermis.
  23. Diploe – Spongy layer of bone; found between the inner and outer layers of the skull.
  24. Dactyls – Fingers or toes in medical terminology.
  25. Distal – Farther from the center of the body.
  26. Dorsal – Referring to the back side of the body.
  27. Ducts (e.g., mammary duct) – Channels in the body; that transport liquids.
  28. Depressor Anguli Oris – Muscle that lowers the corner of the mouth.
  29. Deltoid Tuberosity – Raised area on the humerus; attachment point for the deltoid muscle.
  30. Dendritic Cells – Immune cells; process antigen material and present it to T-cells.
  31. Diverticulum – Small pouch in the digestive tract’s lining; can become inflamed.
  32. Diastole – Phase when the heart muscle relaxes and allows chambers to fill with blood.
  33. Dermatoglyphics – Patterns formed by skin ridges, e.g., fingerprints.
  34. Dysphagia – Difficulty swallowing.
  35. Diastasis Recti – Separation of the rectus abdominis muscles.
  36. Dip Joint (Distal Interphalangeal Joint) – Joint nearest the fingertip.
  37. Dorsal Venous Arch – Superficial vein network on the dorsum of the foot.
  38. The duct of Bellini – Final duct draining urine into the renal pelvis in the kidney.
  39. Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) – Molecule carrying genetic instructions for development and function.
  40. Dorsal Root – Part of a spinal nerve; that carries sensory information to the spinal cord.

Body Parts With D – Infographics

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