50 Body Parts That Start With T

The body is a wonder, a complex tapestry of parts and systems intricately woven together. Today, our journey through the human anatomy takes us to the letter ‘T’. This letter is not just the start of the word ‘tapestry,’ but also the beginning of many fascinating components of our body. Join us as we traverse this territory of ‘T’ and discover the diverse elements it represents.

Body Parts That Start With T

  1. Tibia (shinbone)
  2. Tarsal Bones (foot bones)
  3. Temporal Bone (of the skull)
  4. Temporal Lobe (of the brain)
  5. Tendon
  6. Testes (or Testicles)
  7. Thorax (chest area)
  8. Throat
  9. Thymus (a gland located behind the sternum)
  10. Thyroid Gland
  11. Trachea (windpipe)
  12. Trapezius (a major back and neck muscle)
  13. Triceps Brachii (muscle in the upper arm)
  14. Tricuspid Valve (heart valve)
  15. Turbinate (structures in the nasal passage)
  16. Tympanic Membrane (eardrum)
  17. Tongue
  18. Teeth
  19. Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)
  20. Tensor Fasciae Latae (muscle in the thigh)
  21. Teres Major (a shoulder muscle)
  22. Teres Minor (another shoulder muscle)
  23. Thalamus (part of the brain)
  24. Tibialis Anterior (muscle in the front of the shin)
  25. Tibialis Posterior (a muscle located within the deep posterior compartment of the leg)
  26. Toe
  27. Tonsils
  28. Trochanter (specifically the greater and lesser trochanters of the femur)
  29. Trochlea (a structure in the elbow and eye)
  30. Thoracic Vertebrae
  31. Thoracic Duct (major lymphatic vessel)
  32. Thoracic Cage (rib cage)
  33. Temporalis (a muscle of mastication)
  34. Tragus (a small pointed eminence of the external ear)
  35. Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC, a structure in the wrist)
  36. Tuber (like the ischial tuber in the pelvis)
  37. Tubule (as in renal tubules in the kidney)
  38. Talus (ankle bone)
  39. Transverse Process (lateral projection from the vertebrae)
  40. Transverse Colon (part of the large intestine)
  41. Tunica Albuginea (dense tissue layer)
  42. Transversus Abdominis (deepest muscle layer of the abdominal wall)
  43. Temporal Artery
  44. Thoracic Aorta
  45. Tarsal Plate (in the eyelid)
  46. Trigeminal Nerve (cranial nerve V)
  47. Tarsometatarsal Joints (in the foot)
  48. Transcription (as in RNA transcription, but this is more of a biological process)
  49. Thrombocyte (another name for platelets in the blood)
  50. Thyroxine (a hormone produced by the thyroid gland)

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