50 Body Parts That Start With W

When we think of our bodies and the anatomical terms that describe our parts and systems, certain letters might dominate our thinking. While the letter ‘W’ might not first come to mind, upon delving deeper, it’s clear that this letter, too, holds its own in the realm of human anatomy.

The list that follows demonstrates the significance of the letter ‘W’ in naming parts, both familiar and perhaps more obscure, of our intricate physical structure. Join us on this wondrous journey through the world of ‘W’.

Body Parts That Start With W

  1. Wrist
  2. Waist
  3. Whorl (as in fingerprints)
  4. White matter (in the brain and spinal cord)
  5. White blood cells (also called leukocytes)
  6. Wrist bones (or carpals)
  7. Webs (as in between fingers or toes, technically webbing)
  8. Wrinkle
  9. Widow’s peak (hairline trait)
  10. Wisdom teeth (or third molars)
  11. Wart
  12. Wing of the nose (ala of the nose)
  13. Wax (as in earwax or cerumen)
  14. Windpipe (common name for the trachea)
  15. Webbed toes or fingers (a condition where toes or fingers are fused)
  16. Wolfian ducts (embryonic structures)
  17. Wounds
  18. Wernicke’s area (a region of the brain)
  19. Wart duct (in some animals)
  20. Wart sac (in some animals)
  21. Wrist joint
  22. Womb (common term for the uterus)
  23. Waistline
  24. Weavers’ bottom (clinically known as ischial bursitis)
  25. Whiskers (technically called vibrissae in animals)
  26. Wart virus (causes warts, though not strictly a body part)
  27. Wrist drop (a condition, not a body part per se, but related to wrist anatomy)
  28. Wall of the eye
  29. Wall of the heart
  30. White pulp (of the spleen)
  31. Whorled patches (in skin conditions)
  32. Wound granulation
  33. Wrist flexors (muscles)
  34. Wrist extensors (muscles)
  35. Wrist retinaculum
  36. Winged scapula (a condition where the scapula protrudes)
  37. White line (of nails, also called leukonychia)
  38. Waist circumference (a measurement)
  39. Wrists’ tendons
  40. Wrist ligaments
  41. Wryneck (a condition, also known as torticollis)
  42. Wheel lesions (in skin conditions)
  43. Waterline (of the eye, the wet inner edge of the eyelids)
  44. Wrist crease
  45. White fibers (type of connective tissue fibers)
  46. White commissure (of spinal cord)
  47. Wrist capsule
  48. Window of the ear (refers to oval window and round window)
  49. Weeping (as in weeping eczema, a skin condition)
  50. Webspace (the space between digits)

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