50 Body Parts That Start With P

The human body is a mesmerizing assembly of interconnected systems, each playing its unique role to ensure our well-being. Like pieces of a puzzle, every part, big or small, is vital to the masterpiece that is ‘us’. Today, let’s dive into the anatomy alphabet, focusing on those body parts starting with the letter ‘P’. From the commonly known to the more obscure, this list promises to be an enlightening journey!

Body Parts That Start With P

  1. Palate
  2. Palm
  3. Palmar Arch
  4. Palmaris Longus (a muscle in the forearm)
  5. Palpebrae (eyelids)
  6. Pancreas
  7. Papilla
  8. Paranasal Sinuses
  9. Parietal Bone
  10. Parietal Lobe
  11. Parotid Gland
  12. Patella (kneecap)
  13. Pectoralis Major (a chest muscle)
  14. Pectoralis Minor (another chest muscle)
  15. Pedicles (of the spine)
  16. Pelvis
  17. Penis
  18. Pericardium (the sac surrounding the heart)
  19. Perineum
  20. Periosteum (a membrane that covers bones)
  21. Peripheral Nervous System
  22. Peroneus Muscles
  23. Phalanges (bones in the fingers and toes)
  24. Pharynx
  25. Pineal Gland
  26. Pituitary Gland
  27. Plantar Fascia
  28. Plasma (the liquid component of blood)
  29. Platysma (a neck muscle)
  30. Plexus (as in Brachial Plexus, a network of nerves)
  31. Popliteal Fossa (the area behind the knee joint)
  32. Prostate
  33. Pterygoid Muscles (muscles in the jaw)
  34. Pubis (part of the pelvis)
  35. Pudendal Nerve
  36. Pulmonary Artery
  37. Pulmonary Valve (of the heart)
  38. Pupil (of the eye)
  39. Pyramidalis Muscle
  40. Phrenic Nerve
  41. Peroneal Tendons
  42. Pleura (membrane surrounding the lungs)
  43. Pancreatic Duct
  44. Pineal Body
  45. Placenta (present during pregnancy)
  46. Proximal (referring to a part closer to the trunk of the body)
  47. Pyloric Sphincter (in the stomach)
  48. Plica (folds in the body, e.g., in the knees)
  49. Papillae (projections on the tongue)
  50. Palatine Tonsils

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