50+ Body Parts That Start With B

Body Parts Starting With B! You know that there are countless inner and outer, tiny and large body parts in a human body. Here you will learn all the body parts that start with the letter B. Each one has a specific function that helps us to live and thrive.

Body Parts That Start With B

  1. Bacino
  2. Bouche
  3. Bottom
  4. Bile
  5. Bazo
  6. Bridge Of Nose
  7. Backbone
  8. Basilic Vein
  9. Belly
  10. Brust
  11. Button
  12. Breast
  13. Bone Marrow
  14. Bauch
  15. Bones
  16. Blood Vessels
  17. Busto
  18. Ball Sack
  19. Brain Stem
  20. Butthole
  21. Boob
  22. Belly Button
  23. Blaze
  24. Bellybutton
  25. Bone
  26. Bile Duct
  27. Brow Bone
  28. Blood
  29. Breasts
  30. Body Name
  31. Basilar Artery
  32. Back
  33. Beak
  34. Booty Hole
  35. Big Toe
  36. Bronchi
  37. Boobs
  38. Brazos
  39. Bumhole
  40. Bunio
  41. Ball
  42. Bacino
  43. Biceps
  44. Beard
  45. Bladder
  46. Bicep
  47. Backside
  48. Brainstem
  49. Brain
  50. Body
  51. Bursa
  52. Breast Bone
  53. Beine
  54. Buttock
  55. Biliary Tract
  56. Bronchioles

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Body Parts Starting With B and Their Short Definition

  1. Brain – Organ inside the skull; controls body functions and thoughts.
  2. Biceps – Muscle in the upper arm; aids in flexing the elbow.
  3. Bladder – Sac-like organ; stores urine before excretion.
  4. Bronchi – Main passageways to the lungs; help in air distribution.
  5. Brow – The forehead area; above the eyes and eyebrows.
  6. Breast – Mammary gland in females; produces milk for feeding offspring.
  7. Back – Rear part of the human body; from the neck to the pelvis.
  8. Buttocks – Fleshy part of the body; behind the hips.
  9. Bile Duct – Tube-like structure; carries bile from the liver to the intestines.
  10. Bone – Hard connective tissue; provides structure and protection to the body.
  11. Bone Marrow – Soft tissue inside bones; produces blood cells.
  12. Bronchioles – Small airways in the lungs; that distribute air to the alveoli.
  13. Bicuspid – Type of tooth; also known as premolars for grinding food.
  14. Belly Button (Navel) – Scar on the abdomen; where the umbilical cord was attached.
  15. Buccal Cavity – The mouth or oral cavity.
  16. Basal Ganglia – Group of nuclei in the brain; involved in movement control.
  17. Bulbourethral Glands – Male reproductive glands; produce pre-ejaculatory fluid.
  18. Brachial Artery – Major blood vessel of the upper arm.
  19. Bursa – Fluid-filled sac; reduces friction between tissues like bones and tendons.
  20. Brachioradialis – Forearm muscle; helps in flexing the elbow.
  21. Big Toe – Largest toe on the foot; crucial for maintaining balance.
  22. Bowel – Part of the digestive tract; includes the small and large intestines.
  23. Bronchial Tubes – Airways leading to the lungs; facilitate breathing.
  24. Brachialis – Muscle beneath the biceps; aids in flexing the elbow.
  25. Ball of the Foot – Padded portion of the sole; between the arch and the toes.
  26. Bulbus Oculi – The eyeball excluding its appendages.
  27. Biceps Femoris – Muscle in the thigh; part of the hamstrings group.
  28. Buccinator – Cheek muscle; assists in chewing and blowing.
  29. Bulb of the Penis – Expanded end of the penile shaft; contributes to erectile function.
  30. Brachiocephalic Artery – Major blood vessel in the chest; supplies blood to the head and arm.
  31. Basal Cells – Cells found at the bottom layer of the skin; produce new skin cells.
  32. Blastocyst – Early stage of an embryo; implants into the uterine wall.
  33. Brachial Plexus – Network of nerves; conducts signals from the spine to the shoulder, arm, and hand.
  34. Body of the Stomach – Central region of the stomach; involved in digestion.
  35. Bowman’s Capsule – Part of the nephron in kidneys; filters blood to form urine.
  36. Bilateral Symmetry – Body plan; left and right halves mirror each other.
  37. Bifurcation – Point where a structure, like a blood vessel or airway, splits into two branches.
  38. Buccal Fat Pad – Pad of fat in the cheek; gives the face its rounded shape.
  39. Base of the Skull – The bottom part of the skull; supports the brain and facial structures.
  40. Brachial Vein – Vein in the arm; returns deoxygenated blood from the radial and ulnar veins to the heart.

Body Parts With B – Infographics

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