46 Body Parts That Start With O

The human body is a marvel of evolution, intricate in design and function. Every part of our anatomy has a purpose, contributing to our survival, well-being, or aesthetic appeal. It’s intriguing to consider the parts of the body alphabetically, as it offers a unique perspective on our biological makeup. Today, we’re embarking on a journey through the body parts that start with the letter ‘O.’ You might be surprised at how many there are!

Body Parts That Start With O

Here’s the list of body parts that start with the letter ‘O’:

  1. Occiput
  2. Olfactory Bulb
  3. Olfactory Nerve
  4. Omentum
  5. Optic Chiasm
  6. Optic Disc
  7. Optic Nerve
  8. Orbit (eye socket)
  9. Orbicularis Oculi (muscle around the eye)
  10. Orbicularis Oris (muscle around the mouth)
  11. Os Coxa (hip bone)
  12. Ossicles
  13. Osteoblasts
  14. Osteoclasts
  15. Osteocytes
  16. Ovary
  17. Oviduct
  18. Ovum
  19. Occipital Bone
  20. Occipital Lobe
  21. Oesophagus (alternative spelling: Esophagus)
  22. Olecranon (point of the elbow)
  23. Omohyoid (a muscle in the neck)
  24. Optic Tract
  25. Oral Cavity
  26. Orifice
  27. Oropharynx
  28. Ostium
  29. Outer Ear
  30. Oval Window (in the ear)
  31. Ovule
  32. Oxalate (though more of a chemical component found in the body)
  33. Oxyntic Cells (cells in the stomach that secrete acid)
  34. Organ of Corti (in the ear)
  35. Ophthalmic Artery
  36. Ophthalmic Vein
  37. Ophthalmic Nerve
  38. Osseous Tissue (bone tissue)
  39. Oblique Muscles (abdominal obliques)
  40. Obturator Foramen
  41. Obturator Nerve
  42. Oculomotor Nerve
  43. Otic Ganglion
  44. Otolith
  45. Ovarian Follicle
  46. Ovarian Ligament

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