25 Body Parts That Start With R

The human body is akin to a symphony, with each part playing its distinctive role in the grand orchestra of life. As we venture through the alphabet, revealing the mysteries of our anatomy, we arrive at the letter ‘R’. This letter unveils a mix of the familiar and the lesser-known, but each is crucial to our body’s melody. Let’s explore what ‘R’ has to offer.

Body Parts That Start With R

  1. Radius (bone in the forearm)
  2. Rectum
  3. Retina (of the eye)
  4. Rib
  5. Ribs (Intercostal Muscles and Spaces)
  6. Rhomboid Major (a back muscle)
  7. Rhomboid Minor (another back muscle)
  8. Radial Artery
  9. Radial Nerve
  10. Rectus Abdominis (a core muscle, often referred to as the “abs”)
  11. Rectus Femoris (a muscle in the quadriceps group)
  12. Renal (pertaining to the kidneys, e.g., Renal Artery, Renal Vein)
  13. Retinaculum (bands of fibrous tissue, e.g., in the wrist or ankle)
  14. Rotator Cuff (a group of muscles and tendons in the shoulder)
  15. Reticular Formation (a network of neurons in the brainstem)
  16. Rhinencephalon (the olfactory brain)
  17. Rugae (ridges found in organs, e.g., stomach or palate)
  18. Red Bone Marrow
  19. Respiratory Diaphragm (or simply diaphragm, the primary muscle of respiration)
  20. Rectus Sheath
  21. Round Ligament (e.g., of the liver or uterus)
  22. Radial Pulse (felt on the wrist, by the radius bone)
  23. Retromolar (pertaining to the area behind the molars in the mouth)
  24. Rods (cells in the retina that detect dim light)
  25. Rosenthal’s Canal (a spiral canal in the cochlea of the inner ear)

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Body Parts With R – Infographics

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