Politics Plural, What is the Plural of Politics?

Meaning: activities associated with the governance

Singular and Plural of Politics

Singular Plural
politics Politics

Politics as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He was passionate about studying politics and governance.
  2. The professor lectured on the theories of political politics.
  3. She aspired to have a career in politics.
  4. The politician delivered a speech on current politics.
  5. The news anchor discussed the latest developments in global politics.
  6. The book explored the influence of money in politics.
  7. The professor encouraged critical thinking about contemporary politics.
  8. The voters were disillusioned with the state of national politics.
  9. The debate focused on the ethical aspects of political politics.
  10. The journalist interviewed experts on international politics.

Politics as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Politics often involves complex decision-making processes.
  2. Politics influences public policy and governance systems.
  3. Politics can be divisive and contentious at times.
  4. Politics shapes the allocation of resources in society.
  5. Politics determines the direction of a nation’s development.
  6. Politics plays a crucial role in international relations.
  7. Politics can be a career path for many individuals.
  8. Politics requires strategic maneuvering and negotiation skills.
  9. Politics affects the lives of ordinary citizens.
  10. Politics reflects the values and beliefs of a society.

Singular Possessive of Politics

The singular possessive form of “Politics” is “Politics’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Politics:

  1. The politician’s politics’s focus was on economic reform.
  2. The journalist analyzed the president’s politics’s impact on foreign relations.
  3. The book explored the author’s politics’s influence on society.
  4. The professor discussed the philosopher’s politics’s theories.
  5. The voter questioned the candidate’s politics’s stance on healthcare.
  6. The historian studied the king’s politics’s approach to governance.
  7. The journalist interviewed the activist about her politics’s advocacy.
  8. The political commentator analyzed the mayor’s politics’s strategies.
  9. The student wrote a research paper on the philosopher’s politics’s ideology.
  10. The diplomat assessed the ambassador’s politics’s negotiations.

Plural Possessive of Politics

The plural possessive form of “Politics” is “Politics'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Politics:

  1. We discussed politics’ impact on society.
  2. The candidates’ campaigns focused on politics’ key issues.
  3. Politics’ influence can be felt in every aspect of life.
  4. The students’ essays explored politics’ role in history.
  5. The journalists’ coverage shed light on politics’ complexities.
  6. We analyzed politics’ effects on the economy.
  7. The citizens’ voices play a crucial role in shaping politics’ direction.
  8. The professors’ research delves into politics’ theoretical frameworks.
  9. We examined politics’ relationship with power and governance.
  10. The activists’ movements aim to bring about change in politics’ landscape.

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