Reflex Plural, What is the Plural of Reflex?

Meaning: an action that is performed without conscious

Singular and Plural of Reflex

Singular Plural
reflex reflexes

Reflex as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The doctor tested my reflex by tapping my knee.
  2. The athlete’s quick reflex helped him avoid the collision.
  3. The baby’s reflex caused it to grasp onto the caregiver’s finger.
  4. The driver’s reflex enabled him to brake in time to avoid the accident.
  5. The doctor explained that blinking is an involuntary reflex.
  6. The martial artist relied on his lightning-fast reflex during the fight.
  7. The scientist studied the brain’s response to different reflexes.
  8. The teacher explained the concept of conditioned reflexes to the students.
  9. The reflexologist used pressure points to stimulate the body’s natural reflexes.
  10. The neurologist examined the patient’s reflex responses to assess their nervous system.

Reflex as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The doctor tested my reflexes by tapping various points on my body.
  2. The athlete’s quick reflexes helped him excel in his sport.
  3. The baby’s reflexes developed as it grew older.
  4. The driver’s sharp reflexes allowed him to navigate through heavy traffic.
  5. The scientist conducted experiments to study the animal’s reflexes.
  6. The martial artist’s lightning-fast reflexes were admired by spectators.
  7. The research team observed the reflexes of different species in their natural habitats.
  8. The students learned about the body’s involuntary reflexes in biology class.
  9. The doctor examined the patient’s reflexes to assess their neurological health.
  10. The reflexologist stimulated specific reflexes in the feet to promote relaxation.

Singular Possessive of Reflex 

The singular possessive form of “Reflex” is “Reflex’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Reflex:

  1. The athlete’s quick reflex’s saved them from injury.
  2. The doctor tested the patient’s reflex’s to assess their neurological health.
  3. The driver’s sharp reflex’s allowed them to avoid an accident.
  4. The martial artist honed their reflex’s through rigorous training.
  5. The baby’s natural reflex’s elicited an adorable response from the parents.
  6. The coach praised the player’s exceptional reflex’s in goalkeeping.
  7. The photographer captured the precise moment when the cat’s reflex’s kicked in.
  8. The surgeon’s steady reflex’s ensured precise incisions during the operation.
  9. The researcher studied the brain’s reflex’s in response to different stimuli.
  10. The athlete’s well-developed reflex’s gave them a competitive edge.

Plural Possessive of Reflex 

The plural possessive form of “Reflex” is “Reflexes'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Reflex:

  1. The martial artists’ lightning-fast reflexes’ amazed the audience.
  2. The athletes trained their reflexes’ to react swiftly in various situations.
  3. The doctors examined the patients’ reflexes’ to assess their overall health.
  4. The researchers conducted experiments to study the human body’s reflexes’.
  5. The gymnasts showcased their incredible reflexes’ during their routines.
  6. The firefighters’ quick reflexes’ saved lives in emergency situations.
  7. The performers’ well-coordinated reflexes’ impressed the judges.
  8. The drivers’ sharp reflexes’ prevented collisions on the racetrack.
  9. The dancers’ precise reflexes’ brought elegance and grace to their movements.
  10. The soldiers’ trained reflexes’ ensured their readiness in combat scenarios.

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