List of Collocations of Time with Examples PDF

List of Collocations of Time with Examples PDF! Below are of collocation of time with meaning, examples, infographics, and pdf. A Collocation is the pair or group of words that are habitually juxtaposed. Collocations are very important for ESL students. It helps in learning the relation of different words with one another. Here is the big list of collocations in English, read them and download them in PDF.

List of Collocations of Time

list of collocations of time

Here are some collocations of time:

  • Take a long time
  • Spare time
  • Take time off
  • Dead on time
  • Run out of time
  • Just in time
  • Spend time
  • Waste time
  • Kill time
  • Right on time
  • Time passes
  • Tell me the time
  • Take your time
  • Have time
  • Free time
  • Save time
  • On time
  • It’s about time
  • Make time for
  • Pass the time
  • Make up for lost time
  • Give me a hard time

collocations of time with meaning

Examples of Collocations with Time

Below is the list of collocations with examples and meaning:

– Tell someone the time.

Meaning- Asking someone to tell time

Example Sentence- Can you tell me the time please?

– Waste time

Meaning- Doing useless things

Example Sentence- He is wasting time since childhood.

– Run Out Of Time

Meaning- Have no more time

Example Sentence- I ran out of time, so I ‘ go to the store.

– Spend time

Meaning- pass your time doing something

Example Sentence- I spent some time in Australia when I was a kid.

– Have time to

Meaning- available to do something.

Example Sentence- He likes to take cricket lessons, but he doesn’t have enough time.

– Have A Hard/Rough Time

Meaning- a difficult period in life.

Example Sentence- He’s been having a hard time with his research paper.

– Free/Spare Time

Meaning- That time when you are free

Example Sentence- In my free time, I enjoy swimming, eating, and cooking.

– It’s about time

Meaning- Finally!

Example Sentence- It’s about time for me to swim.

– On Time

Meaning- Exactly at the right time

Example Sentence- He is always on time.

– Take your time

Meaning- When you have sufficient time

Example Sentence- No need to hurry, we have a lot of time.

– Save time

Meaning- To save time

Example Sentence- I love to shop online because it saves time.

– Run out of time

Meaning- No more time

Example Sentence- Did you run out of time or did you finish your exam?

– Make time for

Meaning- Try to have sometime

Example Sentence- He was very busy but he’ll try to make time for you.

– Bang/dead/right on the time

Meaning- Exactly on time

Example Sentence- Bus left bad on the time.

– Kill time

Meaning- Do something to pass time

Example Sentence- He got to the station very early, so he had a meal in the small restaurant.

– Just In Time

Meaning- At the perfect time

Example Sentence- Have a seat Robert – you got here just in time for the match.

collocations of time with examples

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