150+ Useful Noun Preposition Collocations in English PDF

List of Noun Preposition Collocations PDF! Below are some very useful noun and preposition collocations. Noun and preposition collocations are the combination of a noun and a preposition. Collocation examples with ESL Infographics and PDF.

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What is a Noun?

A noun is a word that represents a person, place, thing, or idea. It is a fundamental part of speech in the English language, and it is used in various contexts to name or refer to entities or concepts. In collocations, nouns are often paired with other words to form phrases that convey specific meanings.

For example, “a cup of coffee,” “a piece of cake,” and “a ray of sunshine” are all examples of noun collocations, where a specific type or quantity of a noun is paired with another word to create a particular meaning.

What is a Preposition?

A preposition is a word that typically indicates the relationship between a noun or pronoun and other elements in a sentence, such as time, location, or direction. Prepositions are used to establish connections between different parts of a sentence, and they often form collocations with specific verbs, adjectives, or nouns.

For example, “in the morning,” “on the table,” and “with a smile” are all prepositional collocations, where a preposition is paired with a specific word or phrase to convey a particular meaning or context. Prepositions play an essential role in the English language, helping to create a clear and concise communication of ideas.

List of Noun Preposition Collocations

Nouns + Prepositions: FOR

  • Respect for
  • Hatred for
  • Reason for
  • Case for
  • A check for
  • Search for
  • Arguments for
  • Demand for
  • Approval for
  • Need for
  • Fondness for
  • Admiration for
  • Responsibility for
  • Room for
  • Love for
  • Preference for
  • Reputation for
  • Bid for
  • Desire for
  • Cure for
  • Recipe for
  • Talent for
  • Credit for
  • Advertisement for
  • Thirst for

Nouns and Prepositions: OF

  • Knowledge of
  • Disadvantage of
  • Problem of
  • Memory of
  • Address of
  • Process of
  • Experience of
  • Awareness of
  • Love of
  • Member of
  • Exhibition of
  • Understanding of
  • Fear of
  • Relevance of
  • Habit of
  • Cause of
  • Advantage of
  • A photograph of
  • Example of
  • Grasp of
  • Method of
  • Way of
  • A cause of
  • Possibility of
  • Risk of

Nouns + Prepositions: IN

  • Lesson in
  • Delay in
  • A fall in
  • Success in
  • Belief in
  • Difficulty in
  • Course in
  • Participation in
  • Place in
  • Difference in
  • Experience in
  • Interest in
  • A decrease in
  • Change in
  • An increase in
  • Growth in
  • A rise in

Noun + Prep Collocations: WITH

  • Meeting with
  • Link with
  • Sympathy with
  • Arguments with
  • Quarrel with
  • Connection with
  • Difficulty with
  • Contact with
  • Date with
  • Dealings with
  • Relationship with
  • Involvement with
  • Concern with

Noun+Preposition Collocations: TO

  • Desire to
  • Transition to
  • Reference to
  • Dedication to
  • Addiction to
  • Reaction to
  • Response to
  • Newcomer to
  • Allusion to
  • Threat to
  • Devotion to
  • Visit to
  • An invitation to
  • Contribution to
  • Approach to
  • Reason to
  • Solution to
  • Resistance to
  • Change to
  • Concern to
  • Relevance to
  • Invitation to
  • Access to
  • Damage to
  • An attitude to

Nouns + Prepositions: ON

  • Agreement on
  • Decision on
  • Ban on
  • Congratulations on
  • Debate on
  • Hold on
  • Information on
  • Report on

Noun + Prep Collocations: ABOUT

  • Agreement about
  • Anxiety about
  • Confusion about
  • Story about
  • Debate about
  • Decision about
  • Information about
  • Concern about

Nouns + Prepositions: FROM

  • Transition from
  • Excerpt from

Nouns + Prepositions: BETWEEN

  • A connection between
  • A relationship between
  • A link between
  • Bond between
  • A difference between the two
  • A contact between two

Nouns + Prepositions: OVER

  • Authority over
  • Control over

Infographics (List of Noun+Preposition Collocations)

list of noun preposition collocations noun preposition collocations for

noun preposition collocations

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