100 Adjectives List, Common Adjectives List

100 Adjectives List, Common Adjectives List

100 adjectives list

What are adjectives? This is a question that many people have, and the answer is not always simple. Adjectives are words that describe a noun. They can be used to make writing more descriptive, and they can also be used to create specific impressions in the minds of readers or listeners. In this blog post, we will explore the list of some common adjectives for ESL students to learn and use. Enjoy!

100 Adjectives List

  1. determined
  2. immense
  3. nasty
  4. colossal
  5. grubby
  6. large
  7. abrupt
  8. exuberant
  9. glorious
  10. troubled
  11. diminutive
  12. intrigued
  13. panicky
  14. costly
  15. hungry
  16. lovely
  17. disturbed
  18. foolish
  19. perplexed
  20. adventurous
  21. funny
  22. happy
  23. wicked
  24. condescending
  25. grumpy
  26. lazy
  27. despicable
  28. ideal
  29. narrow
  30. aloof
  31. greasy
  32. helpless
  33. zippy
  34. cooperative
  35. happy
  36. lonely
  37. courageous
  38. hurt
  39. lucky
  40. agitated
  41. gaudy
  42. healthy
  43. zany
  44. exasperated
  45. friendly
  46. tender
  47. confused
  48. handsome
  49. livid
  50. brave
  51. gritty
  52. hollow
  53. dizzy
  54. fresh
  55. teeny
  56. distressed
  57. irate
  58. perfect
  59. corny
  60. hollow
  61. loose
  62. exhilarated
  63. frothy
  64. terrible
  65. excited
  66. frightened
  67. tense
  68. acidic
  69. frothy
  70. gorgeous
  71. unsightly
  72. bored
  73. grieving
  74. high
  75. aggressive
  76. fuzzy
  77. harebrained
  78. yummy
  79. alert
  80. graceful
  81. helpful
  82. zealous
  83. adorable
  84. frustrating
  85. grubby
  86. upset
  87. bright
  88. grotesque
  89. homely
  90. cruel
  91. icy
  92. mysterious
  93. extensive
  94. frustrating
  95. tricky
  96. frantic
  97. quizzical
  98. dilapidated
  99. impressionable
  100. outrageous

100 Common Adjectives With Meaning and Example Sentences

  1. Determined: resolute, steadfast

Example: She was determined to finish the race no matter what.

  1. Immense: huge, vast

Example: The stadium was immense, and it could accommodate thousands of people.

  1. Nasty: unpleasant, disgusting

Example: The smell of the garbage was nasty, and it made me feel sick.

  1. Colossal: enormous, gigantic

Example: The sculpture in the park was colossal, and it was visible from miles away.

  1. Grubby: dirty, filthy

Example: He refused to wear the grubby shirt, as it was too stained and smelly.

  1. Large: big, sizable

Example: The large pizza was enough to feed the entire family.

  1. Abrupt: sudden, unexpected

Example: His abrupt departure from the meeting surprised everyone.

  1. Exuberant: lively, energetic

Example: The children’s exuberant laughter filled the room with joy.

  1. Glorious: magnificent, splendid

Example: The sunset was glorious, and the sky turned into a beautiful shade of orange.

  1. Troubled: worried, distressed

Example: She looked troubled, and her eyes were red from crying.

  1. Diminutive: tiny, small

Example: The kitten was diminutive, and it fit in the palm of my hand.

  1. Intrigued: curious, interested

Example: He was intrigued by the mysterious package that arrived at his door.

  1. Panicky: anxious, nervous

Example: She felt panicky when she realized she had lost her wallet.

  1. Costly: expensive, high-priced

Example: The luxurious car was too costly for me to afford.

  1. Hungry: famished, starving

Example: I was so hungry that I ate the whole pizza by myself.

  1. Lovely: beautiful, attractive

Example: The flowers in the garden were lovely, and they smelled sweet.

  1. Disturbed: troubled, upset

Example: The loud noise from the construction site disturbed his concentration.

  1. Foolish: silly, unwise

Example: It was foolish of him to quit his job without having another one lined up.

  1. Perplexed: confused, puzzled

Example: She was perplexed by the complicated instructions for the new gadget.

  1. Adventurous: daring, bold

Example: The couple was adventurous, and they loved to explore new places.

  1. Funny: humorous, amusing

Example: His jokes were funny, and they made everyone laugh.

  1. Happy: joyful, delighted

Example: She was happy to see her best friend after a long time.

  1. Wicked: evil, malevolent

Example: The villain in the movie was wicked, and he had a sinister plan.

  1. Condescending: patronizing, superior

Example: His condescending attitude made her feel belittled.

  1. Grumpy: irritable, grouchy

Example: He was grumpy in the morning before his first cup of coffee.

  1. Lazy: indolent, idle

Example: He was too lazy to clean up his room, so it remained messy.

  1. Despicable: hateful, detestable

Example: The bully’s behavior was despicable, and it was unacceptable.

  1. Ideal: perfect, flawless

Example: The weather was ideal for a picnic, and the sky was clear and sunny.

  1. Narrow: thin, slender

Example: The narrow alley was too small for a car to pass through.

  1. Aloof: distant, unapproachable

Example: He seemed aloof and didn’t want to socialize with anyone.

  1. Greasy: oily, fatty

Example: The greasy pizza made her feel nauseous.

  1. Helpless: powerless, vulnerable

Example: She felt helpless when her car broke down in the middle of the highway.

  1. Zippy: fast, quick

Example: The zippy sports car zoomed past the other vehicles on the road.

  1. Cooperative: helpful, accommodating

Example: The cooperative staff worked together to finish the project on time.

  1. Happy: joyful, content

Example: She was happy with her new job and the people she worked with.

  1. Lonely: isolated, alone

Example: He felt lonely in the big city, and he missed his family and friends.

  1. Courageous: brave, fearless

Example: The firefighters were courageous, and they risked their lives to save others.

  1. Hurt: injured, wounded

Example: She was hurt in an accident and had to go to the hospital.

  1. Lucky: fortunate, blessed

Example: He was lucky to win the lottery and become a millionaire.

  1. Agitated: anxious, nervous

Example: She felt agitated before the big exam and couldn’t sleep the night before.

  1. Gaudy: flashy, showy

Example: The gaudy dress was too loud and colorful for her taste.

  1. Healthy: fit, robust

Example: She lived a healthy lifestyle and exercised regularly to stay in shape.

  1. Zany: wacky, crazy

Example: The comedian’s zany jokes made the audience laugh uncontrollably.

  1. Exasperated: annoyed, frustrated

Example: He was exasperated with the slow internet connection and couldn’t get any work done.

  1. Friendly: amiable, sociable

Example: She was friendly to everyone she met, and she made new friends easily.

  1. Tender: gentle, caring

Example: The mother’s tender touch comforted her crying baby.

  1. Confused: puzzled, uncertain

Example: He was confused by the complex math problem and didn’t know how to solve it.

  1. Handsome: attractive, good-looking

Example: The handsome actor was the talk of the town, and he had many fans.

  1. Livid: angry, furious

Example: She was livid when she found out that her boyfriend had lied to her.

  1. Brave: courageous, heroic

Example: The soldier was brave and risked his life to save his comrades.

  1. Gritty: tough, determined

Example: The gritty athlete never gave up, even when the game seemed lost.

  1. Hollow: empty, vacant

Example: The hollow sound echoed through the empty room.

  1. Dizzy: lightheaded, disoriented

Example: She felt dizzy after spinning around too much on the amusement park ride.

  1. Fresh: new, recently made

Example: The bakery had fresh bread and pastries every day.

  1. Teeny: tiny, small

Example: The teeny kitten fit in the palm of her hand.

  1. Distressed: upset, worried

Example: She was distressed when she heard the bad news about her friend.

  1. Irate: angry, enraged

Example: He was irate when he found out that his car had been towed.

  1. Perfect: flawless, impeccable

Example: The cake was perfect, and it looked and tasted amazing.

  1. Corny: cheesy, clich├ęd

Example: The movie had a corny plot, and the dialogue was predictable.

  1. Hollow: empty, vacant

Example: The hollow tree trunk made a perfect hiding place for the squirrel.

  1. Loose: baggy, not tight

Example: The loose-fitting shirt was comfortable, but it didn’t look very stylish.

  1. Exhilarated: excited, thrilled

Example: She felt exhilarated after skydiving for the first time.

  1. Frothy: bubbly, foamy

Example: The frothy cappuccino had a thick layer of foam on top.

  1. Terrible: awful, dreadful

Example: The weather was terrible, and it rained all day.

  1. Excited: enthusiastic, eager

Example: She was excited about her upcoming vacation to Europe.

  1. Frightened: scared, afraid

Example: The little girl was frightened by the loud thunderstorm.

  1. Tense: anxious, nervous

Example: He felt tense before the job interview and couldn’t stop fidgeting.

  1. Acidic: sour, tart

Example: The acidic taste of the lemon made her pucker her lips.

  1. Frothy: bubbly, foamy

Example: The frothy beer had a thick head of foam on top.

  1. Gorgeous: beautiful, stunning

Example: The sunset over the ocean was gorgeous, and the colors were breathtaking.

  1. Unsightly: unattractive, ugly

Example: The graffiti on the wall was unsightly and ruined the neighborhood’s appearance.

  1. Bored: uninterested, dull

Example: He was bored during the long lecture and couldn’t wait for it to end.

  1. Grieving: mourning, sorrowful

Example: She was grieving the loss of her beloved pet and couldn’t stop crying.

  1. High: elevated, tall

Example: The high building had many floors and offered a great view of the city.

  1. Aggressive: hostile, combative

Example: The aggressive dog barked loudly and chased after the mailman.

  1. Fuzzy: unclear, blurry

Example: The old photograph was fuzzy, and it was hard to see the details.

  1. Harebrained: foolish, impractical

Example: His harebrained scheme to start a business without a plan was doomed to fail.

  1. Yummy: delicious, tasty

Example: The pizza was yummy, and it had all of her favorite toppings.

  1. Alert: attentive, watchful

Example: The security guard was alert and noticed the suspicious activity.

  1. Graceful: elegant, refined

Example: The ballerina’s graceful movements were beautiful and mesmerizing.

  1. Helpful: useful, beneficial

Example: The new software was helpful, and it made her work easier and more efficient.

  1. Zealous: enthusiastic, passionate

Example: The fans were zealous, and they cheered loudly for their team.

  1. Adorable: cute, charming

Example: The baby panda was adorable, and everyone wanted to take a picture with it.

  1. Frustrating: annoying, vexing

Example: The slow traffic was frustrating, and it made her late for her appointment.

  1. Grubby: dirty, grimy

Example: The grubby kitchen was in desperate need of a cleaning.

  1. Upset: distressed, agitated

Example: She was upset when she received a bad grade on her test.

  1. Bright: vivid, colorful

Example: The bright flowers in the garden were a sight to behold.

  1. Grotesque: ugly, monstrous

Example: The Halloween costume was grotesque, and it scared the children.

  1. Homely: plain, unattractive

Example: The homely house needed some renovations and a fresh coat of paint.

  1. Cruel: mean, heartless

Example: The bully’s cruel behavior towards his classmates was unacceptable.

  1. Icy: cold, frozen

Example: The icy road was slippery, and it was dangerous to drive on.

  1. Mysterious: enigmatic, puzzling

Example: The mysterious stranger in the black coat caught her attention.

  1. Extensive: widespread, far-reaching

Example: The company had an extensive network of branches across the country.

  1. Frustrating: annoying, vexing

Example: The computer glitch was frustrating, and it caused her to lose her work.

  1. Tricky: difficult, complicated

Example: The math problem was tricky, and it required a lot of thinking.

  1. Frantic: panicked, frenzied

Example: The frantic search for the missing child lasted all night.

  1. Quizzical: puzzled, questioning

Example: The quizzical expression on her face showed that she didn’t understand.

  1. Dilapidated: run-down, shabby

Example: The dilapidated old house was in need of some serious repairs.

  1. Impressionable: susceptible, easily influenced

Example: The impressionable teenager was swayed by her friends into making some bad decisions.

  1. Outrageous: shocking, scandalous

Example: The outrageous behavior at the party was inappropriate and unacceptable.

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