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List of Abstract Nouns from Adjectives Pdf!

What is an Abstract Noun?

Abstract nouns are those nouns that refer to something like emotion. Abstract nouns are used to name an emotion, feeling, concept, or idea. An abstract noun is a type of noun that does not refer to any physical object.

What is an Adjective?

Adjectives are words that describe nouns or pronouns. Adjectives are used to describe the quality of a noun and pronoun. Another word for adjectives is ‘describing nouns’. Because they are used to describe.

Below are some examples of adjectives:

  • Soft
  • Fast
  • Calm
  • Cool

List of Abstract Nouns from Adjectives

Below is the list of an abstract noun from the adjective in English:

list of Abstract Nouns from Adjectives

Adjectives Abstract Nouns
 Sorrowful Sorrow
 Responsible Responsibility
 Mature Maturity
 Opinionated Opinion
 Compassionate Compassion
 Joyful Joy
 True Truth
 Curious Curiosity
 Successful Success
 Imaginative Imagination
 Honest Honesty
 Poor Poverty
 Beautiful Beauty
 Vain Vanity
 Great Greatness
 Dark Darkness
 Lucky Luck
 Sane Sanity
 Prudent Prudence
 Deceitful Deceit
 Strong Strength
 Stupid Stupidity
 Romantic Romance
 Anxious Anxiety
 Brave Bravery
 Humble Humility
 Hot Heat
 Broad Breadth
 Loyal Loyalty
 Wide Width
 Evil Evil
 Sensitive Sensitivity
 Bitter Bitterness
 Just Justice
 Luxurious Luxury
 Sole Solitude
 Wise Wisdom
 Jealous Jealousy
 Long Length
 Proud Pride
 Humorous Humor
 Generous Generosity
 Peculiar Peculiarity
 High Height
 Witty Wit
 Deep Depth
Angry Anger
 Short Shortness
 False Falsehood
 Sympathetic Sympathy
 Chaotic Chaos
 Young Youth
 Painful Pain
 Courageous Courage
 Tolerant Tolerance
 Intelligent Intelligence
 Warm Warmth

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Abstract Nouns from Adjectives abstract noun formed from adjectives


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