3 Degrees of Plain, Comparative Degree of Plain, Superlative Degree of Plain

Meaning of Plain: not decorated or elaborate

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Plain

The comparative degree of Plain is plainer, superlative degree of Plain is plainest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Plain plainer plainest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Plain:

  • She wore a plain white T-shirt.
  • The room was decorated with plain curtains.
  • He preferred plain vanilla ice cream.
  • The book had a plain cover with no designs.
  • The painting featured plain colors and simple shapes.
  • She opted for a plain black coffee.
  • The dress had a plain silhouette with no embellishments.
  • He chose a plain font for the document.
  • The room had plain white walls and minimal furniture.
  • The recipe called for plain flour instead of self-rising.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Plain:

  • Her outfit was plainer than mine.
  • The second option was plainer and more affordable.
  • The newer model had a plainer design.
  • His writing style is plainer compared to hers.
  • The alternative solution seemed plainer and easier to implement.
  • The first painting had a plainer composition.
  • The original version had a plainer color scheme.
  • The menu had a plainer layout in the updated version.
  • The second option was plainer but more functional.
  • The older edition had plainer illustrations.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Plain:

  • That is the plainest outfit I’ve ever seen.
  • The third option was the plainest of them all.
  • The minimalist design was the plainest but most elegant.
  • The original draft had the plainest language.
  • Her style is the plainest compared to other artists.
  • The first version had the plainest color palette.
  • The black and white photograph was the plainest in the collection.
  • The basic template was the plainest but most versatile.
  • The older model was the plainest yet most reliable.
  • The classic design was the plainest and most timeless.

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