3 Degrees of Popular, Comparative Degree of Popular, Superlative Degree of Popular

Meaning of Popular: liked or admired by many people

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Popular

The comparative degree of Popular is the more popular, superlative degree of Popular is the most popular.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Popular more popular most popular

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Popular:

  • The new song is popular among young people.
  • The restaurant is always popular and busy.
  • The movie became popular after winning several awards.
  • The book became a popular bestseller.
  • The band’s concert was popular with fans.
  • The TV show has a popular following.
  • The fashion brand is popular among celebrities.
  • The game app is popular among smartphone users.
  • The social media influencer is popular for her lifestyle content.
  • The tourist destination is popular among travelers.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Popular:

  • The second book is more popular than the first.
  • This restaurant is more popular than the one down the street.
  • The new movie is more popular than the previous installment.
  • The band’s latest album is more popular than their previous one.
  • The TV show’s ratings are more popular than ever.
  • The fashion brand is more popular than its competitors.
  • The game app is more popular than any other in its category.
  • The social media influencer has more popular content than others.
  • The tourist destination is more popular than nearby attractions.
  • The smartphone model is more popular than its predecessors.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Popular:

  • This song is the most popular of the year.
  • The restaurant is the most popular in the city.
  • The movie became the most popular of all time.
  • The book is a most popular bestseller worldwide.
  • The band’s concert was the most popular event of the season.
  • The TV show has the most popular viewership ratings.
  • The fashion brand is the most popular among fashionistas.
  • The game app is the most popular in its genre.
  • The social media influencer has the most popular profile.
  • The tourist destination is the most popular in the region.

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