100+ List of Abstract Nouns from Verbs Pdf – Definition and Infographics

List of Abstract Nouns from Verbs Pdf!

What are Abstract Nouns?

An abstract noun usually refers to something that is intangible (unable to be touched), something that you can feel. Abstract nouns basically refer to emotions and feelings. There is no connection between an abstract noun and a physical object.

Abstract nouns never refer to any kind of physical object.

Going into more detail an abstract noun can be a word or a group of words that refers to something or name something that you can hear, smell, taste, and feel.

What are some examples of Abstract Nouns?

Some common examples of abstract nouns are:

Anger, believe and consideration, etc.

What is a Verb in English?

A verb is a word that shows action. A verb is used to describe an action, state, or occurrence of something. Below are some common verbs in English:

  • Do
  • Make
  • Go
  • Eat
  • Dance

List of Abstract Nouns from Verbs

Below is the list of an abstract noun from the verb:

abstract formed from verb

Verbs Abstract Nouns
Think thought
Unite  unity
Conceal concealment
Punish punishment
Depart departure
Permit permission
Live life
Arrive arrival
Judge judgment
Die death
Succeed success
Expect expectation
Admit admission
Behave behavior
Neglect negligence
Move motion
Believe belief
Serve service
Fail failure
Agree agreement
Relieve relief
Seize seizure
Protect protection
See sight
Obey obedience
Hate hatred
Warm warmth
Laugh laughter
Enter entrance
Advise advice
Free freedom
Choose choice
Unite union
Defend defense
Please pleasure

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Infographics (Abstract Nouns from Verbs)

abstract nouns from verbs list of abstract nouns from verbs


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