30+ Adjectives Examples List

30+ Adjectives Examples List

Adjectives Examples

Do you know how to use adjectives in English? This list of examples will help you understand how to use adjectives correctly. An adjective is a word that describes a noun, such as tall, skinny, or blue. You can usually put adjectives in front of the noun they are describing, as in “a blue car.”

Some adjectives can be used either before or after the noun they describe, depending on what they describe. For example, “an interesting book” and “a book that interests me.”

Other adjectives always go after the noun they describe. For example, “the red balloon” and “a balloon that is red.”

Below are 30+ Adjectives Examples List:

1) adorable

2) aggressive

3) ancient

4) beautiful

5) blue

6) bright

7) brown

8) Canadian

9) careless

10) chemical

11) clinical

12) colorful

13) commercial

14) common

15) concrete

16) conscious

17) criminal

18) curious

19) dangerous

20) dark

21) delightful

22) different

23) difficult

24) digital

25) direct

26) dirty

27) distinguished

28) electric

29) embarrassed

30) emotional

Adjectives Examples in Sentences

1) She has a beautiful smile.

2) He is an aggressive driver.

3) This is an ancient artifact.

4) I’m curious about your sweet plans.

5) The dangerous criminal was caught by the police.

6) That car is blue.

7) His hair is brown.

8) She’s Canadian, eh?

9) I’m feeling careless tonight.

10) The chemical spill was contained.

11) He’s a clinical psychologist.

12) She’s wearing a colorful dress.

13) This is a commercial for a new product.

14) I have a common name.

15) The concrete is wet.

16) Are you conscious?

17) I’m feeling emotional right now.

18) The dark room was frightening.

19) It’s a delightful day, isn’t it?

20) She’s different than most people.

21) This is going to be difficult.

22) He has a digital lifestyle.

23) I direct movies for a living.

24) The dirt was caked on his skin.

25) He’s a distinguished author.

26) That light is electric.

27) I’m embarrassed about what I did.

28) His mood is changing all the time.

29) She has an emotional reaction to everything.

30) The experience was surreal.