45 Shortcut Words in Chat, Sarcastic Text Abbreviations

In today’s useful lesson, we’re looking at 45 shortcut words often used in chats and texts. These shortcuts are like quick snacks of language, easy to use and understand. They’re perfect for anyone learning English or wanting to get better at it. You’ll see these shortcuts in messages with friends, on social media, and in lots of other places online. Let’s start and explore these handy abbreviations together.

Shortcut Words in Chat

Sarcastic Shortcut Words in Chat

  • ROFL:- Rolling on floor laughing
  • STFU:- Shut the *swear word!* up
  • ICYMI:- In case you missed it
  • TL;DR:- Too long, didn’t read
  • LMK:- Let me know
  • NVM:- Nevermind
  • TGIF:- Thank goodness it’s Friday
  • TBH:- To be honest
  • TBF:- To be frank
  • RN:- Right now
  • QOTD:- Quote of the day
  • OOTD:- Outfit of the day

Sarcastic Text Abbreviations

  • BRB:- Be right back
  • BTW:- By the way
  • LOL:- Laugh out loud
  • TTYL:- Talk to you later
  • HMU:- Hit me up
  • FWIW:- For what it’s worth
  • IMO:- In my opinion
  • IMHO:- In my humble opinion
  • IDK:- I don’t know
  • TBA:- To be announced
  • TBD:- To be decided

Business Shortcut Words

  • EOD:- End of day
  • FAQ:- Frequently asked question
  • AKA:- Also known as
  • ASAP:- As soon as possible
  • DIY:- Do it yourself
  • LMGTFY:- Let me Google that for you
  • NP:- No problem
  • N/A:- Not applicable or not available
  • OOO:- Out of office
  • TIA:- Thanks in advance

Romantic Text Abbreviations

  • ILY:- I love you
  • MCM:- Man crush Monday
  • WCW:- Woman crush Wednesday
  • BF:- Boyfriend
  • GF:- Girlfriend

Marketing Shortcut Words in Chat

  • CTA:- Call to action
  • UGC:- User-generated content
  • SMS:- Short message service
  • MMS:- Multimedia messaging service
  • RCS:- Rich communication services
  • ROI:- Return on investment
  • CTR:- Click-through rate

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