3 Degrees of Mean, Comparative Degree of Mean, Superlative Degree of Mean

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Meaning of Mean: intend to convey or refer to

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Mean

The comparative degree of the mean is the meaner, superlative degree of the mean is the meanest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Mean meaner meanest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Mean:

  • She is mean to her younger siblings.
  • The teacher gave us a mean assignment.
  • He made a mean comment about her appearance.
  • The customer was mean to the waiter.
  • My boss has a mean sense of humor.
  • The movie had a mean twist ending.
  • The bully has a mean reputation in school.
  • She gave me a mean glare when I bumped into her.
  • The judge gave the criminal a mean sentence.
  • He has a mean streak when he’s stressed.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Mean:

  • She is meaner than her older sister.
  • The final exam was meaner than we expected.
  • His words were meaner than usual today.
  • The new boss is meaner than the previous one.
  • My brother’s pranks are getting meaner.
  • The villain in the movie is even meaner than we thought.
  • Her comments are becoming meaner over time.
  • The storm this year was meaner than last year’s.
  • The punishment for breaking the rules is getting meaner.
  • The competition is getting meaner each year.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Mean:

  • She is the meanest person I know.
  • That was the meanest thing anyone has ever said to me.
  • He has the meanest temper of all his siblings.
  • The boss is known for being the meanest in the company.
  • The bully is considered the meanest in the school.
  • It was the meanest prank they’d ever pulled.
  • The critic gave the movie the meanest review possible.
  • The punishment they received was the meanest ever given.
  • The teacher has the meanest grading system.
  • The villain in the movie is portrayed as the meanest character.

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