20 Examples of Irregular Adjectives

20 Examples of Irregular Adjectives

20 examples of irregular adjectives

What are Irregular Adjectives?

Irregular adjectives are those that don’t follow the standard rules for forming their comparative and superlative forms. For example, the regular adjective ‘big’ becomes ‘bigger’ and ‘biggest’ when we compare it to other things, but the irregular adjective ‘bad’ stays the same.

Here are some more examples of irregular adjectives:

  • Good, better, best
  • Bad, worse, worst
  • Little, less, least
  • Many, more, most
  • Old, older, oldest
  • Far, further, furthest

Examples of Irregular Adjectives

1) She is a very good girl, her younger sister is even better, but their brother is the best.

2) This is a bad example of a presentation, you were worse, but Sara did the worst of all.

3) I have a little money, John has less, and Bill has the least of all.

4) I saw many beautiful things while I was in Paris, but the most beautiful thing I saw was the Eiffel Tower.

5) The old man is far more tired than the young woman.

6) He ran further than anyone else.

7) I think this is the furthest we can go.

8) The best thing you can do is stay here.

9) That was the worst decision I have ever made.

10) She is getting better and better every day.

11) It may be the worse idea you’ve ever had, but let’s do it anyway.

12) I am older than he is, but she is the oldest of all.

13) She’s not as good as you, but she’s better than he is.

14) It’s colder today than it was yesterday.

15) I have to go home now; it’s getting most late.

16) I’m more tired than he is.

17) This is the most interesting book I have ever read.

18) We are less interested in your proposal than we were before.

19) The market has improved, but it is still worse than it was before.

20) You are better at this than I am.