3 Degrees of Worthy, Comparative Degree of Worthy, Superlative Degree of Worthy

Meaning of Worthy: characterized by good intent

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Worthy

Comparative degree of Worthy is worthier, superlative degree of Worthy is worthiest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Worthy worthier worthiest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Worthy:

  • She is a worthy candidate for the scholarship.
  • His hard work made him worthy of the promotion.
  • The book offers worthy insights into human nature.
  • We should support worthy causes that help the needy.
  • The team put up a worthy effort in the championship game.
  • She received worthy recognition for her outstanding achievements.
  • The museum houses many worthy artifacts from ancient civilizations.
  • His selfless actions make him a worthy role model.
  • The organization’s mission is to support worthy initiatives in education.
  • The movie is a worthy adaptation of the beloved novel.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Worthy:

  • She is considered more worthy of the award than her competitors.
  • His performance was more worthy of applause than anyone else’s.
  • The new version of the software is more worthy of our attention.
  • The company’s latest product is more worthy of consideration than its previous model.
  • Her efforts to help others are more worthy of recognition than she realizes.
  • The alternative proposal seems more worthy of consideration than the original one.
  • This restaurant’s food is more worthy of praise than its decor.
  • The updated design is more worthy of admiration than the previous one.
  • His dedication to his craft is more worthy of respect than his talent alone.
  • The revised policy is more worthy of support than the previous one.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Worthy:

  • She is the most worthy candidate for the position.
  • His achievement is the most worthy of celebration.
  • This book is considered the most worthy of the author’s works.
  • The organization’s cause is the most worthy of our support.
  • Her contribution to the project is the most worthy of recognition.
  • This painting is regarded as the most worthy of the artist’s collection.
  • The scholarship is awarded to the student with the most worthy application.
  • The team’s performance in the final match was the most worthy of praise.
  • His actions in the face of adversity are the most worthy of admiration.
  • This film is widely regarded as the most worthy of the year’s releases.

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