3 Degrees of Wild, Comparative Degree of Wild, Superlative Degree of Wild

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Meaning of Wild: living or growing in the natural environment

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Wild

Comparative degree of Wild is wilder, superlative degree of Wild is wildest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Wild wilder wildest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Wild:

  • The wild horses galloped freely across the meadow.
  • She had a wild night of dancing and laughter.
  • The forest is home to many wild animals.
  • The roller coaster ride was a wild adventure.
  • His hair was a mess, standing up in wild tufts.
  • The party was filled with wild music and dancing.
  • The storm brought wild gusts of wind and rain.
  • The child’s imagination took them on wild adventures.
  • The concert was a wild experience of lights and energy.
  • The athlete made a wild leap to catch the ball.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Wild:

  • Her dance moves were wilder than anyone else on the floor.
  • The party got wilder as the night went on.
  • The new roller coaster is wilder than the one we rode last summer.
  • The storm became wilder as the winds picked up speed.
  • The animal exhibit at the zoo was wilder than expected.
  • His imagination took him on wilder adventures in his dreams.
  • The competition in the finals was wilder than any previous round.
  • The movie’s plot twists got wilder as the story unfolded.
  • Their pranks became wilder with each passing day.
  • The river rapids were wilder this time, making the rafting experience more thrilling.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Wild:

  • That was the wildest roller coaster ride I’ve ever been on.
  • The concert was the wildest show I’ve ever attended.
  • The storm brought the wildest winds we’ve ever experienced.
  • The safari gave us a glimpse of the wildest animals in their natural habitat.
  • The party was known as the wildest event of the year.
  • His hair stood up in the wildest array of spikes.
  • The adventure park had the wildest rides in the region.
  • The movie had the wildest plot twists and turns.
  • The storm created the wildest waves the beach had ever seen.
  • The festival was known for its wildest performances and spectacles.

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