3 Degrees of Worldly, Comparative Degree of Worldly, Superlative Degree of Worldly

Meaning of Worldly: experienced and sophisticated.

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Worldly

Comparative degree of Worldly is worldlier, superlative degree of Worldly is worldliest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Worldly worldlier worldliest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Worldly:

  • She has a worldly perspective on different cultures.
  • His travels have made him a worldly individual.
  • The book provides worldly knowledge about ancient civilizations.
  • The diplomat has a worldly understanding of international relations.
  • The professor’s lectures offer worldly insights into global issues.
  • The traveler’s experiences have broadened his worldly understanding.
  • The entrepreneur has gained worldly wisdom through business ventures.
  • The journalist’s reporting reflects a worldly awareness of current events.
  • The historian’s research provides a worldly understanding of the past.
  • The artist’s work reflects a worldly appreciation for diverse cultures.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Worldly:

  • She is more worldly than her classmates due to her travels.
  • His experiences have made him more worldly compared to his peers.
  • The professor’s lectures are more worldly than those of other professors.
  • The explorer’s adventures have made him more worldly than most people.
  • The journalist has a more worldly perspective due to extensive reporting.
  • The CEO’s international experience makes him more worldly than other executives.
  • The historian’s research offers a more worldly view of historical events.
  • The artist’s work is more worldly in its cultural influences than others.
  • The traveler’s interactions have made him more worldly in his understanding.
  • The philosopher’s theories are considered more worldly compared to others.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Worldly:

  • She is the most worldly person I know when it comes to different cultures.
  • His experiences make him one of the most worldly individuals I’ve met.
  • The professor’s lectures are regarded as the most worldly in the university.
  • The explorer is known as one of the most worldly adventurers of our time.
  • The journalist’s reporting is considered the most worldly among her peers.
  • The CEO’s international expertise makes him the most worldly in the industry.
  • The historian’s research is widely recognized as the most worldly in the field.
  • The artist’s work is celebrated as the most worldly in its cultural influences.
  • The traveler’s experiences have made him the most worldly person in our group.
  • The philosopher’s theories are acclaimed as the most worldly in philosophical circles.

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