3 Degrees of Ugly, Comparative Degree of Ugly, Superlative Degree of Ugly

Meaning of Ugly: repulsive in appearance.

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Ugly

Comparative degree of Ugly is uglier, superlative degree of Ugly is ugliest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Ugly uglier ugliest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Ugly:

  • The old painting had an ugly color palette.
  • The abandoned building had an ugly appearance.
  • The graffiti on the wall was an ugly sight.
  • Her behavior towards others was ugly and rude.
  • The movie received ugly reviews from critics.
  • The polluted river was an ugly environmental issue.
  • The conflict between the two nations took an ugly turn.
  • The abandoned puppy had an ugly wound on its leg.
  • The argument among the friends turned ugly.
  • The politician’s scandal brought out the ugly truth.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Ugly:

  • The new sculpture is uglier than the previous one.
  • The second design proposal is considered uglier by the committee.
  • The recent renovations made the building look uglier.
  • The sequel to the movie received uglier reviews.
  • The dispute between the neighbors is becoming uglier.
  • The new fashion trend is considered uglier by some.
  • The polluted lake is now uglier than before.
  • The second version of the website is uglier and less user-friendly.
  • The conflict between the siblings grew uglier.
  • The abandoned house became uglier over time.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Ugly:

  • That is the ugliest painting I’ve ever seen.
  • The final design proposal is regarded as the ugliest.
  • The movie received the ugliest reviews of the year.
  • The abandoned building is considered the ugliest in town.
  • The toxic waste site is known as the ugliest environmental problem.
  • The conflict between the two countries reached its ugliest point.
  • The injured animal had the ugliest wound.
  • The politician’s scandal was the ugliest in recent history.
  • The abandoned car is considered the ugliest in the junkyard.
  • The argument between the friends turned into the ugliest fight.

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