3 Degrees of Firm, Comparative Degree of Firm, Superlative Degree of Firm

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Firm

Comparative degree of firm is firmer, superlative degree of firm is firmest. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for firm.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Firm firmer firmest

Examples Using Positive Degree of Firm:

  • The firm handshake conveyed confidence and professionalism.
  • Our team has a firm commitment to delivering quality results.
  • She displayed a firm resolve to overcome any obstacles.
  • The lawyer presented a firm argument in court.
  • The company’s financial position remains firm despite the challenges.
  • We need to make a firm decision on the project timeline.
  • His firm belief in his abilities propelled him to success.
  • The teacher provided firm guidance to the students.
  • The CEO’s firm leadership steered the company towards growth.
  • The contract was signed with a firm handshake and mutual trust.

Examples Using Comparative Degree of Firm:

  • John’s grip is firmer than Mary’s when shaking hands.
  • This new mattress feels firmer than the old one.
  • The manager’s stance on the issue is firmer than the previous one.
  • The company’s profits are firmer this quarter compared to last year.
  • The athlete’s resolve to win is firmer than ever before.
  • The negotiations became firmer as both parties sought a compromise.
  • The new policy provides a firmer foundation for employee rights.
  • The candidate’s commitment to the job is firmer than the others’.
  • The judge’s decision was firmer than anticipated.
  • The customer’s loyalty to the brand is firmer than that of its competitors.

Examples Using Superlative Degree of Firm:

  • This mattress is the firmest one in the store.
  • She has the firmest belief in her team’s potential.
  • The CEO’s leadership style is regarded as the firmest in the industry.
  • This contract has the firmest terms and conditions.
  • The lawyer’s argument was considered the firmest in the courtroom.
  • The athlete’s dedication to training is the firmest among his peers.
  • The decision to cut costs was met with the firmest resistance.
  • The bridge’s foundation is the firmest in the region.
  • The CEO’s handshake is known to be the firmest in business meetings.
  • The student’s grasp of the subject matter is the firmest in the class.

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