3 Degrees of Foolish, Comparative Degree of Foolish, Superlative Degree of Foolish

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Foolish

Comparative degree of foolish is more foolish, superlative degree of foolish is most foolish. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for foolish.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Foolish more foolish most foolish

Examples Using Positive Degree of Foolish:

  • She made a foolish mistake by trusting him.
  • The decision to invest in that scheme was foolish.
  • He always gives foolish excuses for being late.
  • It was foolish of him to ignore the warnings.
  • Don’t be foolish, listen to what I’m saying.
  • She felt foolish after realizing her error.
  • He acted in a foolish manner during the meeting.
  • I regret my foolish behavior at the party.
  • It’s foolish to believe everything you hear.
  • The plan was deemed foolish by the experts.

Example Using Comparative Degree of Foolish:

  • She is more foolish than anyone else in the group.
  • His decision to quit his job was more foolish than I expected.
  • The second choice seemed more foolish than the first one.
  • The more foolish he acts, the harder it is to understand him.
  • Her actions are becoming more foolish with each passing day.
  • I never thought she could get more foolish than before.
  • His behavior is less foolish now, but still concerning.
  • The more foolish he appears, the less people trust him.
  • Comparatively speaking, he is more foolish than most.
  • The team’s decision to ignore the warning signs was more foolish than anticipated.

Example Using Superlative Degree of Foolish:

  • She is the most foolish person I know.
  • That was the most foolish decision he could have made.
  • His actions were regarded as the most foolish by everyone.
  • It was the most foolish mistake she had ever made.
  • This is the most foolish idea I’ve heard all day.
  • They made the most foolish move in their entire career.
  • The team’s decision was considered the most foolish in history.
  • It’s the most foolish thing to believe in such myths.
  • He made the most foolish choice out of all the options.
  • The most foolish part is that he doesn’t even realize it.

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