3 Degrees of Gross, Comparative Degree of Gross, Superlative Degree of Gross

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Meaning of Gross: very obvious and unacceptable.

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Gross

Comparative degree of gross is the grosser, and the superlative degree of gross is the grossest. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for gross.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Gross grosser grossest

Examples Using Positive Degree of Gross:

  • The gross smell filled the entire room.
  • His room was a gross mess of dirty clothes and trash.
  • The movie was filled with gross humor and jokes.
  • She couldn’t eat the pizza because of the gross toppings.
  • The pond water looked gross and murky.
  • The baby made a gross mess while eating his food.
  • The restaurant had a gross violation of health regulations.
  • He found a gross insect crawling on his arm.
  • The garbage truck emitted a gross smell as it passed by.
  • The bathroom was in a gross state of disrepair.

Example Using Comparative Degree of Gross:

  • The smell in the locker room was grosser than usual.
  • His apartment was even grosser than I imagined.
  • The horror movie was grosser than anything I had seen before.
  • The meat in the fridge smelled even grosser after a few days.
  • The garbage bin outside was grosser than I expected.
  • The public restroom at the park was grosser than any other.
  • The mold on the bread was grosser than I thought.
  • The stain on her shirt was even grosser up close.
  • The pond water in the summer was grosser than in the winter.
  • The gym locker smelled grosser than ever.

Example Using Superlative Degree of Gross:

  • The dumpster behind the restaurant was the grossest thing I’ve ever smelled.
  • The bathroom at the gas station was the grossest I’ve ever seen.
  • The horror movie I watched last night was the grossest one yet.
  • The trash in the alley was the grossest I’ve ever encountered.
  • The sandwich he made was the grossest thing I’ve ever tasted.
  • The garbage disposal was the grossest thing to clean.
  • The public restroom at the park was the grossest I’ve ever been in.
  • The dead fish on the beach was the grossest thing I’ve ever witnessed.
  • The stain on her shirt was the grossest she had ever seen.
  • The moldy cheese in the fridge was the grossest thing they had ever smelled.

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