3 Degrees of Fat, Comparative Degree of Fat, Superlative Degree of Fat

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Fat

The comparative degree of fat is fatter, superlative degree of fat is fattest. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for fat.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Fat fatter fattest

Example Sentences Using Positive Degree of Fat:

  1. The fat cat lounged lazily in the sun.
  2. She cooked a fat steak on the grill.
  3. The chef added a fat dollop of cream to the dessert.
  4. He found a fat wallet on the street.
  5. The butcher displayed a fat chicken in the shop.
  6. The bakery sold delicious fat doughnuts.
  7. The farmer harvested a fat pumpkin from his field.
  8. The chef prepared a fat sandwich with bacon and cheese.
  9. The cook used a fat pat of butter in the recipe.
  10. The child took a big bite of the fat hamburger.

Example Sentences Using Comparative Degree of Fat:

  1. This cake is fatter than the one I made.
  2. He ordered a fatter cut of meat for dinner.
  3. Her purse is fatter than mine.
  4. The second portion of lasagna is fatter than the first.
  5. The cat became fatter after eating all day.
  6. The fries are fatter than the ones at the other restaurant.
  7. He prefers a fatter slice of pizza.
  8. She bought a fatter notebook for school.
  9. The customer requested a fatter milkshake.
  10. The new recipe calls for a fatter layer of icing.

Example Sentences Using Superlative Degree of Fat:

  1. That is the fattest pig I’ve ever seen!
  2. The steak was the fattest one on the menu.
  3. She baked the fattest brownies for the party.
  4. The chef used the fattest chicken from the farm.
  5. This is the fattest burger I’ve ever eaten.
  6. The dog is the fattest in the neighborhood.
  7. The bakery sells the fattest cinnamon rolls in town.
  8. The cake has the fattest layer of frosting.
  9. They ordered the fattest milkshake on the menu.
  10. That’s the fattest slice of bacon I’ve ever seen.

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