3 Degrees of Steep, Comparative Degree of Steep, Superlative Degree of Steep

Meaning of Steep: rising or falling sharply; almost perpendicular.

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Steep

Comparative degree of Steep is steeper, superlative degree of Steep is steepest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Steep steeper steepest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Steep:

  • The hill has a steep incline that challenges hikers.
  • The staircase has steep steps that require careful climbing.
  • The mountain trail offers steep views and thrilling descents.
  • The roller coaster has steep drops that create a sense of exhilaration.
  • The ski slope has a steep slope for advanced skiers.
  • The cliff has a steep edge overlooking the ocean.
  • The road has a steep grade that makes driving difficult.
  • The river flows down a steep waterfall.
  • The hiking trail becomes steep as it reaches the summit.
  • The price of the house is steep but worth it for the view.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Steep:

  • The second hill is steeper than the first one.
  • The staircase in the old building is steeper than the modern one.
  • The advanced trail is steeper than the beginner trail.
  • The roller coaster’s drop is steeper than the previous one.
  • The black diamond ski run is steeper than the blue square.
  • The cliff on the other side is steeper than this one.
  • The road leading up the mountain is steeper than anticipated.
  • The waterfall in the neighboring valley is steeper than this one.
  • The final stretch of the hike is steeper than the rest.
  • The price increase is steeper than expected in this neighborhood.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Steep:

  • Mount Everest is the steepest mountain in the world.
  • The staircase in that old tower is the steepest I’ve ever climbed.
  • The advanced black diamond trail is the steepest in the resort.
  • The roller coaster’s drop is the steepest of all the rides.
  • The ski jump hill is the steepest in the region.
  • The cliff at the edge of the canyon is the steepest around.
  • The road leading to the remote village is the steepest in the area.
  • The waterfall has the steepest descent in the national park.
  • The final ascent to the summit is the steepest part of the climb.
  • The price tag on that luxury yacht is the steepest in the market.

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