3 Degrees of Strange, Comparative Degree of Strange, Superlative Degree of Strange

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Meaning of Strange: unusual or surprising; difficult to understand or explain.

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Strange

Comparative degree of Strange is stranger, superlative degree of Strange is strangest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Strange stranger strangest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Strange:

  • The strange book captivated my imagination.
  • She had a strange talent for predicting the future.
  • We stumbled upon a strange artifact in the forest.
  • His strange behavior raised a few eyebrows.
  • The old house had a strange aura about it.
  • The strange noise coming from the attic startled us.
  • The strange pattern on the butterfly’s wings fascinated me.
  • I had a strange feeling that something was about to happen.
  • The strange man offered to help us find our way.
  • The strange plant bloomed with vibrant colors.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Strange:

  • That movie was stranger than I had anticipated.
  • Her ideas are getting stranger by the day.
  • The new exhibit at the museum is even stranger than the last one.
  • The stranger the weather became, the more uneasy I felt.
  • The stranger he acted, the more suspicious we became.
  • The stranger the concept, the more intrigued I became.
  • The stranger the creature looked, the more fascinated I became.
  • As the night wore on, things took a stranger turn.
  • The stranger the situation, the more I questioned my choices.
  • Each day, his behavior became stranger and more unpredictable.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Strange:

  • That was the strangest story I’ve ever heard.
  • The abandoned house had the strangest atmosphere.
  • It was the strangest coincidence I could ever imagine.
  • The strangest thing happened when I least expected it.
  • The strangest creature emerged from the depths of the ocean.
  • The strangest sound echoed through the empty corridors.
  • I found the strangest object buried in the backyard.
  • The strangest dreams haunted me throughout the night.
  • That was the strangest encounter I’ve ever had.
  • The strangest sensation washed over me as I entered the room.

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