3 Degrees of Dense, Comparative Degree of Dense, Superlative Degree of Dense

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Dense

Comparative degree of dense is denser and Superlative degree of dense is densest. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for dense.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Dense denser densest

Example Sentences Using Positive Degree of Dense:

  1. The dense fog made driving extremely difficult.
  2. The city has a dense population with high-rise buildings.
  3. The forest is dense with tall, ancient trees.
  4. The textbook is filled with dense scientific explanations.
  5. The cake has a dense texture with rich chocolate flavor.
  6. The puzzle was challenging with its dense arrangement of pieces.
  7. The detective had to sift through dense evidence to solve the case.
  8. The fabric has a dense weave, making it durable.
  9. The painting captures the dense atmosphere of a bustling city.
  10. The novel is known for its dense prose and intricate plot.

Example Sentences Using Comparative Degree of Dense:

  1. The new building is even denser than the previous one.
  2. The fog during winter is denser compared to summer.
  3. The second layer of the cake is denser than the first.
  4. The book’s final chapters become denser in terms of content.
  5. The city’s traffic is getting denser year after year.
  6. The fabric’s thread count makes it denser than the other options.
  7. The painting’s brushstrokes become denser towards the center.
  8. The detective’s investigation became denser as more clues emerged.
  9. The forest gets denser as you move deeper into its heart.
  10. The cloud formation over the mountains appears denser than usual.

Example Sentences Using Superlative Degree of Dense:

  1. The rainforest is one of the densest ecosystems on the planet.
  2. The fog in that region is among the densest in the world.
  3. The chocolate cake is the densest dessert on the menu.
  4. The textbook contains some of the densest scientific theories.
  5. The city’s downtown area has the densest concentration of skyscrapers.
  6. The fabric with the highest thread count is the densest.
  7. The painting’s central area has the densest arrangement of details.
  8. The detective’s case file is filled with the densest evidence.
  9. The forest’s core is home to the densest population of wildlife.
  10. The novel’s final chapters offer the densest revelations and twists.

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