3 Degrees of Black, Comparative Degree of Black, Superlative Degree of Black

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Black

Comparative degree of black is blacker and Superlative degree of black is blackest. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for black.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Black blacker blackest

Examples Using Positive Degree of black:

  • She wore a black dress to the party.
  • The black cat sat on the fence.
  • His hair is as black as coal.
  • The coffee mug is black and shiny.
  • The night sky was filled with black clouds.
  • The black leather jacket looked stylish.
  • The car’s interior is black and luxurious.
  • The black coffee tasted strong and bitter.
  • The little girl had big, black eyes.
  • The dancer wore a black tutu on stage.

Example Using Comparative Degree of black:

  • Her dress is blacker than mine.
  • The night seemed darker and blacker than usual.
  • The black elephant is larger than the others.
  • The sky turned blacker as the storm approached.
  • The new phone has a blacker screen than the previous model.
  • His voice grew deeper and blacker as he spoke.
  • The shadow appeared blacker against the bright wall.
  • The ink stain on the paper looked blacker with time.
  • The storm clouds grew blacker by the minute.
  • The dress in the store’s display window looked blacker than the others.

Example Using Superlative Degree of black:

  • The night was the blackest I had ever seen.
  • The coffee shop serves the blackest coffee in town.
  • The cave was pitch black, the blackest darkness imaginable.
  • Her eyes were the blackest pools of mystery.
  • The dress was the blackest one in the entire collection.
  • The sky turned the blackest just before the storm hit.
  • The cat’s fur is the blackest among all the cats I’ve seen.
  • The singer’s voice is the blackest velvet you’ll ever hear.
  • The painting had the blackest background, making the colors pop.
  • The ink spilled on the paper created the blackest stain.

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